10 most popular commercials on YouTube in August

The most popular was the roller Shoe brand that has captured the shooting of the famous rally motorcyclist Robbie Maddison, sweeping across the ocean in Tahiti on his KTM250SX. In April 2015 Cristiano Ronaldo has announced that he became co-owner of an electronics manufacturer ROC Live Life Loud, and a little later he starred in advertising headphone company. The footballer played passersby on the streets of Madrid, appearing in the role of a homeless person collecting money for food. Until he got rid of the overhead of hair and mustache, had paid no attention to nobody but the baby, who agreed to play soccer with him.

Third most popular was a video Lexus, presenting the possibility of a flying Board of the company, is able to hover in the air above a magnetic track. Nike advertised a line of sneakers Jordan Super.Fly 3 with the American basketball player Blake Griffin, who competes in the video with the character Marvin the Martian, and eventually sends him into space. Yogurt maker Quaker arranged a surprise for the resident USA. First video tells the story of her family — her husband and three children.

Then shows how she goes to a concert to her daughter, but her husband, whom she expects, does not appear even for a few minutes before the start. However, at the moment when the daughter begins to dance, the scene goes her father and they continue to perform together, touching the heart of the heroine. In the new ad for the brand there is a familiar actor from the old commercials Terry kruce, which begins to destroy everything around. The representatives of the brand of isotonic drink Gatorade for workouts set on the campus of campus vending machines labeled.

“You dont get it, not popotan”. When people tried to buy the product and understood that they fail to do this, muscular man appeared and struck the car with such force that she fell, or sharply out of the machine. According to the results of the experiment, the company took a series of videos. One of the rollers of the series Gatorade actors asked passers-by to perform physical exercises to get a drink. Friskies has developed several rules of feline friendship — for example, to be picky (because “”a friend to all is nobodys friend” — so said Aristotle”), set limits (not to allow to stroke his stomach for too long) and not to succumb to the entreaties, for example, when the owner calls to itself, especially if you share as much as half a meter.

Ten ranking closes video underwear brand Tommy Hilfiger, whose representatives were invited to the filming of the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal, who is in advertising takes off panties.

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