10 most popular commercials on YouTube in September

The leader was a video game FIFA 16 “Play nice”, created by Agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. It starred football players Messi, Morgan, Pele and Aguero under a modified Aria of Figaro from “the Barber of Seville”. Copywriter Agency Evgeny Primachenko said vc.ru about the idea of the video, the behavior at the site of the football stars and the process of filming. In second place was the Google ads, which recalled its products, including Gmail, voice search, Google Maps and Chrome.

. The top three were completed by H&M, releasing ads in support of eco-friendly clothing collection that consists of 20% recycled fibers. The company declared freedom in choosing what to wear. “In fashion there are no rules except one. Donate clothes for recycling”.

In shooting took part the rock musician Iggy Pop and model DRI Hemingway — great-granddaughter of author Ernest Hemingway. The creative concept was developed by Swedish Agency Forsman & Bodenfors. After the presentation, September 9, Apple released a number of videos about their new products.

The most popular was the video of the iPhone 6S, created by Agency TBWAMedia Arts Lab. In it, the company showed how the device is used by different people according to their needs, told about the higher resolution front camera, the pressure detection on the screen, the new voice assistant Siri. Honda gave the history of their company through videos, made by hand and paper — in roller figures with motorbikes, cars and planes are on the big table and the pages flip over and move manually.

New Zealand energy company Energy Online “revived” in advertising door ring and played the visitors. It has thus shown that its customers can pay bills over the Internet without talking to a representative of the company, which comes to the mans home. An American restaurants chain Quiznos has released implemented by the Agency Windowseat video-a parody of the art festival Burning Man. His visitors presented by rich people coming there just to tick off the list of things that need to get done in life.

The event organizers are considering the possibility of filing a lawsuit against Quiznos because it “makes fun of the festival”. Closes rating Apple advertising the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S+, in which the devices are demonstrated from different angles.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/do-i-need-a-startup-consultancy/

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