10 of the most interesting offices 2015 edition of the Inc

When designing the head office Airbnb architects design studios Interior Design Fair and WRNS Studio decided to make each room in a building similar to one of the apartments or houses presented on the service website for booking accommodation. Initially, the office was occupied less space than now, but in early 2015, the management decided to expand the headquarters of a startup. As writes edition Inc, designers have tried to pay great attention to various details. “The guide makes all the employees feel at work as well as at home — because here they spend most of their time”.

The main task of the architects was to create a flexible workspace that is easily adaptable to the needs of employees and take on new staff as the company grows.

Bluecore — platform email marketing, headquartered in new York, in Manhattan. The headquarters of the service is a three-storey building in the Lower East side. The office is decorated in shades of blue is the official color of the brand of the company — but in separate rooms and used other colors.

The building has very high ceilings and architects have been quick to take advantage of. In some of the rooms directly under the ceiling is a small platform from which employees can observe what is happening in the room. According to the founder of the Studio Huxhux Design before you start working on the design of the headquarters, the team of the architectural Bureau talked to employees of start — up and learned that it was helping them to work or, conversely, distract. The office is decorated in accordance with the wishes of the team.

The company, which employs 38 people, there is a tradition to have lunch together. Specially for this purpose in the office was a large table that can accommodate the whole team during lunch.

Ekimetrics French consulting Agency, with headquarters in Paris, in the Champs Elysees area. The main problem faced by architects in the design of headquarters — discrepancy of a small space and staff needs.

Was required to develop such an office, in which everyone had the opportunity to retire and to create a personal space. The team of architects resolved the issue by designing a few wooden structures that divide the space into different zones. For example, crate large wooden Cabinet in the center of openspace can be done impromptu stools for the General meeting. At the top of the Cabinet can accommodate notebooks of a few people.

According to the founders of the crowdfunding platform, the designers were tasked to make a new office liked every employee and staff would be happy to come to work.

Thus the management wanted the headquarters Kickstarter did not resemble the offices of tech companies in Silicon valley — in other words, designers should avoid feigned pathos. The office is located in a small former factory building in new York. In this building there are no identifying marks — just a passer-by, not knowing that inside is located the headquarters of the Kickstarter, most likely, about it and not guess.

In the center of the building there is a courtyard where employees eat lunch or rest. The office has its own library, all the rooms are behind glass partitions — it supports the atmosphere of transparency in the company. The main materials used in making glass and wood. Almost all the furniture is made from recycled materials.

The head office of the media company iHeartMedia in new York decorated in a futuristic style. As planned by the Director General of the organization, the space had to be so “clean” as possible.

He made it possible for designers to use when making less of a variety of decor — in particular, asked not to hide the ceilings in the room. “This office is not a cruise liner. Rather, it is a battleship,” says one of the architects. Almost all the headquarters are decorated in shades of gray, but some areas “allocated” more vivid colors.

For example, a hall to record outside and inside painted red, and one of the rest areas on the inside is painted blue.

When designing the Berlin headquarters of the music service SoundCloud, the architects wanted to preserve the building the atmosphere of industrial production. This is facilitated by concrete floors and open ceilings on each floor of the office. At the same time, the premises were to be comfortable so that employees were nice to work in them. Designers have taken care of the ecological office.

Partitions are made from recycled wood fibers, fabrics used in the design, made from hemp and coconut fibre.

Harrys is an American startup that sells shaving. Now the company employs 100 people, but soon this number is expected by the project management, can grow twice. The architects had the task to develop such an office, which could with equal comfort working 100 and 200 employees. The startup has signed a contract with a renowned manufacturer of office furniture Herman Miller — and almost all the seats in the head office of the company is given exactly by this manufacturer.

As part of this partnership, the company Herman Miller also helped guide Harrys to create a “living office” — all desktops in it are raised and lowered to the desired height, and partitions between spaces you can move as you wish employees.

“Salt” is a coworking space located in the center of Yekaterinburg. There is a shared working space, several private offices for teams, conference rooms, private kitchen, small library, sitting area, shower rooms and so on. The main materials used in the design of coworking — brick and wood. The editors of Inc calls the “Salt” a Paradise for hackers.

The headquarters of Warner Music in the UK, writes Inc, is impressive in its scope.

Giant atrium with painted brick walls, winding staircases, a large cafe on the ground floor — all made in the same style. Architects tried to bring in modern design spirit of rock n roll — this is facilitated leather seats, multi level lighting and some interior details — for example, old microphones. The Central atrium serves as the main meeting place for employees and can be easily transformed to meet their needs — here, you can work with a laptop, to relax, to conduct important meetings or to arrange a General meeting.

Atlas Holdings is an investment company headquartered in the USA. The goal that the company has delivered to the architects of the new office, to smite clients.

One of the interesting solutions developed by designers — meeting room, located in the “container” directly above coffee point for employees. Architectural Bureau HLW (his portfolio includes works such as the Google office in new York) worked on the design space, and Workwell Partners — its design. In the middle of the office there is an outdoor area equipped with tables, accommodating up to 20 people at a time — here employees can hold meetings or work.

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