10 Qualities Of A Marketer That Can Ruin The Company

Timid, unable to move away from the template blindly following the trends that are overly optimistic, snobs, and other types of employees, impeding business development. Ivan (the fictional marketer, which will give you examples) always judge for yourself. For example, he believes in the subway cars the best place to advertise and for the second year slips in a media plan banner on the entire screen of the smartphone when connected to Wi-Fi.

Vanya is confident that this location will bring the company lots of money and ensure compliance with all annual KPI. But the reality is much more prosaic — he never sees beyond his nose. The problem lies in a limited world map. Map of the world is that surrounds the van.

Subway, coffee shops, vlogs, trips every six months for small home. Recognize this as easy enough to follow the train of thought officer. His favorite phrase. “I wouldnt do that”, “And I used to be different”, “I already did”.

How this could hurt the marketing. Vanya just weak on creativity and generally on anything coming from the template, because in his head very rarely could evolve into something beyond his world map. The proposal to make native advertising in professional media Vanya, speaking from my own experience, the answer is that nobody reads them. The idea to develop an app for Windows Phone he will say.

“Youre crazy, all the same iPhone”. He will answer that this is the direction SEO-results of “Yandex” is filled with competitors and propose to use the context. “Is no one clicks,” — says Ivan. He genuinely convince everyone that these ideas are bad.

Worst of all, if this quality is inherent in productology. Worse than this can only be a UX designer with love to judge everything on its own. “I never clicked on the offer, so do not put the text on the landing page”. There I even considered incompetent.

Vanya is not something to judge for yourself — it is not clear at all where takes insights. First bells. “Vc.ru wrote that in the future bots. Reduce advertising budget by 100 thousand rubles and give them to freelance writing bot for Telegram”.

Insights can come from anywhere in a spontaneous and chaotic manner. Sites, communities in social networks, conferences, videos, colleagues. Such line can be recognized by the way the van behaves in a simple life. For example, the judge about the weather rumored to be stored buckwheat, because she said that she will soon be in deficit, buys bitcoins, because everyone buys, and so on.

Ivan just used to rely on the experience of others. Not exactly Ivan, and his brain, which thus saves a lot of energy. He doesnt bother to store the information at a meeting with recurring events and draw conclusions based on their own reflections.

Unlucky, if you have a copywriter. What can I say — Ivan is very chaotic, always wrong and is not able to concentrate on tasks. On his Desk is always chaos, which he elegantly covers the phrase about the creative mess. On the contrary, to notice the order in the thought, paying attention to how he dressed and how neat folds documents.

Usually the phone have such an employee is always strictly parallel to the edge of the table. And laptop. And Notepad. And Cup of coffee. Of course, this is not wholly a sign, but often it is interconnected.

A textbook example — Vanya, who clings to any infopovod. And do not care what your business is manufacturing household cleaning products for b2b, and do not care what your Bataisk on the blockchain knows only science in school, and even more still that in your community in the “Vkontakte” is 15 people and they are all employees of the company and two of spammer that joined the group immediately after creation. “Publish the entry, let them know that we are subject”.

Ivan strongly believes in something so necessary and so right. Most often this quality is bargain to the mess in my head, and the result is an explosive mixture of a marketer who is absolutely indifferent as perceived in the group record of spinners, which he published at the time of their previous popularity.

If your company runs a van, tell him that I can only deal with the brands first League and only when all the factors say that you can use infopovod. Examples like Astrakhan dining room is an absolute exception to the rule, the chance to repeat that extremely small. In my experience, these comrades can be distinguished by the typical inclination to things. In clothing, accessories, equipment and even directions of thought.

Van once explained that 99.9% of success is achieved not through some breakthrough ideas, and everyday work. This is again about the brain, who wants to relax and not think about the fact that you have to work all my life. Vanya generates ideas, each aimed at a radical change of the business, but he has no one that would be less ambitious, but realistic.

The opposite of this approach — the Japanese philosophy Kaizen, it is the same strategy of continuous improvement. Another manifestation of this trait — optimism. So Ivan always says that the price of Lida may be much higher than the cost of the first payment user, in the hope of LTV two years. He sincerely believes that the new SEO strategy thats gonna work — you need only wait for the update TIC (thematic citation index).

In the medium beginning arbitration specialists such nine out of ten. A common situation at the planning meeting. “We spent tens of thousands of rubles in the context of one direction for a couple of months and have not received any cost-effective Lida.

Whats the problem?”. How do you think Ivan. Vanya says that the problem of conversioncast site. Or that traffic has now risen. Or that call center merges applications.

But not in van. The perfect way to deal with the manifestation of these qualities — the creation of personal area of responsibility, which strictly outlines at the beginning of the project, and even better documented. As a variant — introduction of KPI. Its not so much a question of motivation as a problem of personal responsibility.

How to identify such hell of a marketer. During the probationary period give him a small advance impossible task that will depend on him. Everything will become clear.

“We are a dynamically developing company, for ten years on the market..” and the like. Learn. Unfortunately, the majority. SMM-specialists, copywriters, brand managers and others.

I used to think that this feature only young professionals, but, alas, such are found in the age of 30-40 years. How to deal with it. Personally, I “shake hands” when you give approval for something like that. Over time stop. Actually, its like a taste in design comes with time and understanding how everything works.

Vanya is so steep that to accommodate in the “Classmates” for it is a shameful thing. And what kind of feedback it. The partnership project, whose site is not Roboto (font headset sans from Google — vc.ru).

Ego closes the access to oxygen in the left hemisphere of the brain and prevents to talk rationally. The identity of the employee is superimposed on everything he does. If the media to publish something just Meduza, if infopovod for the whole country. Ivan it is very hard to explain and suggest, as a veil before the eyes prevents him from even thinking about what someone else can come up with something worthwhile.

To recognize these very easy at the first communion. But how to deal with people I dont even know. I work in Omsk, there are Vani are less common than in the capital.

Item based on the speech of Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard. Quality deep and complex. In order for the marketer boldly went forward, the simultaneous coincidence of many favorable factors. There are a lot of WAN, who are afraid to make mistakes.

Hence the very careful marketing that these professionals implement. These Vani in the program “University challenge” choose green carpet. With them, perhaps, everything will be okay, the plans will be carried out, the KPI close, but sverhozhirenie extremely doubtful. Causes of excessive caution often rooted in lack of competence and professionalism.

Sometimes its personal reasons. Then go to the reasoning like “I need to work on salary and not stick out” or “last time the three marketers fired for a failed project, Id rather stick to the idea of”. Of course, the activity cannot consist of only risky projects and bold activations — everything is good in moderation. The main task of management here is to encourage risk and to provide continuous testing of hypotheses.

To achieve this difficult, but very important if you want to achieve outstanding results. The ability to say “no” to the Director General on his idea to make the site parallax. The ability to deliver an opinion against the sentiments and desires of the leadership.

And it is absolutely not a question of responsibility or different roles is a matter of common sense, proper assessment and the ability to make decisions. Analyze complicated, but interesting example. You are a normal Internet marketer who got the installation to attract advertising through Instagram. Just at the next leadership meeting, someone suggested this idea.

Meanwhile, you have all. And stable marketing channels, and calculated the parameters of the leads, and set up Analytics. However, it is an indication. Youre all set up, launch and see the price of Lida two times higher than, say, targeting in “Vkontakte”.

Notify the head, to which he replied. “We need more”. What to do. Continue pouring bad traffic and spend the budget in vain.

You need to be able to say “no”. In this case, you will either lead the arguments with which you wholeheartedly agree, or you prove my position and in the end will be right. In my practice there were different situations, including those in which I was wrong.

But, anyway, what you do, is solely your responsibility. So the decision to do something or not, just for your conscience. But kind-hearted Joe who doesnt know how to prove their ideas, in the end will be accused of failure. And they are right, because hes allowed to lean on him and has not proved his position.

So look for not just the marketer, but a Mature person with qualities in full compliance with the interests of the company. From the personality of the marketer increasingly depends on the effectiveness of marketing. And the more ambitious goals of the company, the more important it is necessary to conduct analysis during the recruitment.

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