10 Ways To Attract A New Team Of Employees Through Marketing

In their infographics Analytics firm Jobvite and marketing company Column Five Media has documented the importance of content marketing in HR activities. 59% of American job seekers pay vnmanie corporate accounti firms in social networks, with 32% of brands have recognized the lack of a clear strategy for attracting talent. “This means that they are potentially missing top personnel,” concludes Contently. The publication advises companies to tell audience about their corporate culture and achievements.

More than 2/3 of professionals admitted that they will reject proposals of the brand with a bad reputation, even if they have to remain unemployed. According to the global recruitment Manager for Brandwatch Carrie Swann, is most effective when the employees themselves describe their jobs for personal accounts. This increases the probability of getting professionals who will stay in the team for a long time.

Experts Jobvite and Column Five Media give some tips. Founder of recruitment company iCIMS, Colin day notes that “employers need to think like marketers” to convey the strength of their brand on the website. The authors of the blog Thrive firm ADP suggest to lay out the advantages of working in his team. Flexible schedule, creative freedom, no bureaucracy, a favorable environment for teamwork and so on.

For example, Millennials are often important corporate social responsibility, says Thrive. Therefore, if the company pays a lot of attention to ethics, it is necessary to tell about the different directions in this field. Edition Jobmob has collected unusual ways of advertising their brands vacancies.

For example, the cafe Restaurant Binnen released the beer mugs with the image of a trace of lipstick and inscription. “Restaurant Binnen is looking for dishwashers”. New employees found in a week.

During the search of an accountant advertising company Draftfcb Kobza decided to entice employees of other agencies in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The firm sent a in these companies one EUR cash online transfer, and in the comments wrote. “Draftfcb Kobza is looking for an accountant who more than most. Phone number..”.

Car dealer Martin Schilder sent the girls on an old Volkswagen repair service. Women had to ask specialists to look under vehicles for mufflers was the inscription. “Mechanics required” and the website address.

The UK intelligence Agency “government communications Centre” has launched an advertising campaign in the game on Xbox Live to attract employees with quick thinking from 18 to 34 years. To find talented young copywriters in Germany, Agency BBDO have posted their messages on beautiful napkins in the cafeterias of the literary universities.

Institute of technology southern Alberta posted a message about finding professionals fundraising on a fake twenty dollar bills. The organization spread “the money” among the visitors to the canadian conference on improving education. Security Agency Shield Security posted inside your suitcases is about finding bodyguards.

The message is derived from metal, so every time the owner of the suitcase goes through the metal detectors, and employees of the organization can read it. Agency TBWA sent the window cleaners in my uniform for work in offices of other companies. On the shirts of employees was the inscription.

“Quit and come to us”. Recruiting Agency staff Recommended carried the coffee mugs in a competing company. At the bottom of the mug was an inscription. “Coffee is extremely recommended to drink elsewhere” (game of words).

McKinsey has faced strict regulations advertising in Swiss universities. Therefore, the company developed a pencil with an overly long eraser and inscription. “We are looking for students who will not be satisfied with just any solution”.

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