11 Functions, Which Is To Experiment Immediately After Installing The New IOS 11

To configure the notification center to tie cloud services, download apps for ARKit. In iOS 11 completely changed the interface of control center mobile. IOS developers got rid of the extra swipe to switch between the player and main functions, and placed all on one screen. Additional opportunities are under strong (3D Touch) or long press on a specific function. Thus it is possible to open the player, control connection modules, the light intensity of the flashlight.

Elements of the control center can now be configured. To add or remove individual functions, change their location. All this is done through the General settings of iOS. For example, you can add the record function screen, which allows you to shoot everything that happens on the smartphone display.

Car owners can turn on “do Not disturb the driver”. It hides incoming notifications while driving and turns off automatically after the trip. Unfortunately, third party developers cant build here their function. One of the most talked about updates in iOS 11 — new App Store. The app store now resembles a magazine written by the curators Apple manually.

Every day they choose the “app of the day”, “Game day”, talk about them, publish interviews with developers, compilations and so on. All materials are grouped by day in a blog format. In the main menu there was a separate section for games. Tops free and paid applications can now be found within the sections “Games” and “Apps” — each with their own separate rating.

Top growing apps at all removed from the App Store. “Files” is a new app in iOS 11 for managing documents stored on the device and in the cloud. For example, you can connect Dropbox, Google Drive, Box to manage all the files from cloud services in one place. However, the files of third-party services are not displayed in the native interface of the application Files, and shown in a separate window.

You can open them but you cannot move. The newly created screenshots in the lower left of the screen for a few seconds. You can edit, send, and delete, without clogging your devices photo gallery. IPad Pro, you can add notes on the screenshot with the Apple Pencil. 11 iOS version on the iPad, you can simultaneously open up to four Windows.

One on top, two in Split View, plus a video from Safari. In addition, there is a function drag-and-drop to transfer content between different applications (third-party application developers have to add support). You can select a large number of files.

To do this, use one finger to select the first file, and the other hand to allocate all other. The function works the same when moving apps on home screen. Voice assistant Apple received a more natural voice — thanks to machine learning Siri is able to speak with intonation and expression. In addition, Siri now understands the queries based on the context and is able to show the tooltips in the application.

On the iPad in iOS 11 letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation are now on the same keyboard. Therefore, when typing, you can not switch to other modes — instead, you short swipe across the letter to select any character or punctuation. In addition, there is a mode for typing with one hand. To invoke it you need to hold the button with the globe image and choose in which direction to move the keyboard. Along with demonstration of the iOS 11 in June 2017, Apple introduced the ARKit is a Toolkit for developers to create mobile applications based on augmented reality.

Third-party developers within a few months of experimenting with the framework to prepare for the launch of iOS 11 their products. So, after updating to the new App Store will be the first application on the basis of ARKit. For example, Giphy World to create scenes with animated GIF, IKEA Place to “try on” items from the store catalog in a particular interior game the Walking Dead, Arise and so on. Apple added the ability to edit “live” photos.

In iOS 11 you can change the key frame of the picture, to create on its basis the looped video, “Pendulum” — an analogue of the Boomerang from Instagram or “Long exposure”. Photos now take up less space on the device for video format H. 265, for photos — HEIF. According to Apple engineers, these standards are allowed to reduce the size of media files is almost two times, so iOS 11 free space on smartphones has become more. In the “Notes” has a built-in scanner (called when the button “Plus” in the article) that using the iPhone or iPad camera can recognize documents.

You can hold the camera at any angle to the document — application “align” plane and will automatically save the document into the note. Notes has received the support tables and advanced management of fonts. IPad Pro with an electronic pen you can make notes even on the lock screen — simply by touching the screen with the Apple Pencil. In iOS 11 has a new set of Wallpapers for your desktop. Each of the images own the animation when unlocking the screen.

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