12 Youtube Channels For Entrepreneurs About Design, Science And Business

Developer chat-bot Yala yov Beat published a collection of Youtube channels, which, in his opinion, may be useful to entrepreneurs. The channel of one of the most influential startup accelerators Y Combinator world, which published an interview with well-known entrepreneurs advice for young projects and broadcast technology conferences.

Tips on how to start your own business from famous entrepreneurs — represented in the online course. Channel American venture capital Fund Khosla Ventures. The company has invested in projects such as Hyperloop One, Zenefits, Instacart, Stripe and others. The authors publish interviews with CEOs of portfolio startups of the Fund.

Video blog from the founder and CEO of Basecamp, Jason Fraida and CEO of CRM developer for small business Highrise Nathan Kontny in which they discuss the latest news and issues in the industry. Channel Stanford business school, presenters who publish recording lectures, interviews and speeches entrepreneurs.

Blog Columbia business school. The authors publish businessmen who come to the school, the academic video courses, tell you about the life of the school. Another channel of the business school. Published not only new shows, but archived videos — as, for example, the speech of Steve Wozniak for students in 2008.

Feed author publishes how-to videos on how to use storytelling in photography, music and media — with practical examples. Leading video blog to explain complex concepts from physics in minute hand-drawn comic cutscenes.

Personal blog of designer Rena Segalla, in which he shares his experiences and reflects on the problems of the industry. Channel about the development, which may be of interest to Amateurs in this field. The author surveys the most important events in the world of development, talks about beneficial tools for developers and other representatives of the it industry, visits the offices of large companies.

Channel with TED lectures from researchers and entrepreneurs from around the world.

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