13 Startups For Agriculture

Garden in a container, WhatsApp for farmers and other projects and technologies that have emerged in agriculture in recent times. Edyn monitors changes in the composition of the soil and air, enabling you to anticipate potential problems and to calculate the required number of doses and types of fertilizers.

The apparatus is a system of ground sensors, solar-powered through the smartphone app transmit the farmer information on soil, temperature and humidity, light intensity and conductivity, as well as provide recommendations about the care of the relevant cultures. The data obtained allow to know the favourable time for planting and harvesting and to increase crop yields.

In addition, there is a model with a hose that will water the plants automatically controlling the moisture level of the soil. In 2014, the startup held a Kickstarter campaign and raised $384 thousand.

The system allows to significantly reduce the time for field survey, independently determining variations in the soil parameters of individual plants. The program analyzes the images from the cameras carried by drones, and on the basis of knowledge about the necessary amount of chemicals, the characteristics of the soil, as well as the culture which it is grown, makes a conclusion about the presence of disease in plants and its causes. The system then alerts the farmer, where the diseased plants, and reports the lack of nutrients in the soil, which allows to reduce the consumption of fertilizers and other resources.

By the spring of 2016, the company raised 3.2 million francs (about 180 million) on the development of your project. Farmeron — service, through which farmers can gather in one place information about their animals and shared, from their number and species and ending with information on health and milk production.

In addition, the service offers a calendar for scheduling of milking, weighing and vaccination of animals, statistics, and reports on the work done with the cattle and related costs. In the end, by registering on the site, the farmer receives the necessary information about their animals, which is systematic and is freely available, and analysts — data on the characteristics and trends of individual regions. By 2012, Farmeron has received $1.4 million from a number of American venture capital funds, and plans to expand further, in particular, to open a head office in the United States.

The idea of a startup is a learning expert system that can evaluate the condition of the soil and vegetation by using multispectral analysis of field and remote sensing vegetation and soil. Technology helps farmers save up to 30% of their resources to care for the crop, to maintain soil, to calculate the indices describing the state of the land, and to predict the profit in the long run.

Freight Farms has made available to farming in urban environments, offering cargo containers for growing agricultural products (due to the large volume to be grown in them can be up to 4-5 thousand plants). The company offers ready for crop blocks, which are outfitted with all the tools necessary for intensive and consistent harvest.

Thanks to the innovative climate technologies based on the ideal hydroponics for crop production environment is achievable 365 days a year. And to manage artificial lighting, adjust the settings and receive alerts from their “truck farm” can be remote.

Startup Nubesol Technologies, based in the Indian city of Bangalore, has developed an app for farmers on the basis of remote sensing and information management system about the cultures. It allows you to consult with prominent researchers in the field of agriculture and can also perform soil and to assess the health of the plants, to increasing yields. Individual activity — affordable solutions for agricultural mechanization. You can also mark the desired area on Google maps and to information about her fertility.

In a startup invested the largest Indian business incubator Willgro. AeroState — startup in the field of ecology to monitor the quality of air in any point of the globe. Is a platform with an interactive heat map of pollution, which gives manufacturers the opportunity to add information about air quality in product.

For the analysis involved a satellite system, data on traffic emissions in the territories of cities and emissions from vehicles and industrial plants. According to the creators, ensures the data accuracy from 90%. Separately, the platform may provide recommendations for healthy eating.

In 2014, the company has attracted its first investor, and in 2016, took part in the Startup Village conference in SKOLKOVO. Australian inventors came up with the “streaming” hive, which independently collects honey.

Honeycomb is designed to fit into channels through which the honey comes in a special container. Based on the design of the plastic frame, which allows not to violate the integrity of the hive. The project not only reduces the time collecting honey and making the process painless for the bees, but makes the receipt of honey in a simple process.

The startup planned to raise on Kickstarter is $70 thousand in two months, but before the end of the term were received more than $7.2 million. Terebra company from Vladivostok, which is engaged in improving the efficiency Malatiny presses and aktuganov, producing improved ribocree screws (the rods with the screw surface) for pressing equipment.

The benefits of developing Terebra lies in the special geometry, consisting of several washers. Due to this an auger can make almost any shape, allowing manufacturers to increase profitability of processing, to reduce wear of products and get more quality raw materials.

Talking about modern biotechnology, providing substantial savings to the poultry plants and making production more environmentally friendly. The authors of the project brought a strain of microorganisms that decompose waste obtained from poultry slaughtering. The output is the protein mass, which can produce a feed additive for the same birds.

The basic idea of — efficient and waste-free production through the introduction of biotechnological methods to recycle waste. Setting the milk directly from the cow — apparatus 30Sec Milk pasteurize and pack milk for 30 seconds after milking, causing the packaging all the information about the milk inside her.

Farmers, this technology will not depend on the processors and by selling milk retail. Customers will receive their box of milk, which will know everything, thanks to the QR code on the packaging. The whole process of packaging will take less than a minute.

The technology was patented in 2011. In 2014 he received the European patent for innovative design.

SBV is a new generation of greenhouse, accumulating solar energy much better than its standard counterpart, and regulating the temperature regime at the expense of stored heat. This allows it to operate in “summer mode” all year round. In bio-vegetaria the system is used in greenhouses, which regulates the four factors of the crop — light, heat, water and fertilizer.

Thus in SBV simulated conditions that resemble natural ones, the plants will not be disturbed by cold or bad weather. The authors of the project took genetic milk-protein sequences and creating their artificial counterpart, put them in yeast. A deep study of the molecular structure of the cheese helped to create a material identical to milk. Thus, using the standard procedures of vegetarian vegetarian cheese milk is obtained.

The startup has already collected the necessary $37 thousand and in the near future plans to patent its technology.

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