13 Useful Chrome Extensions And Tools For Web Developers

An extension that allows you to test the responsiveness of the design on different types of devices. Helps to test the interface of the site on screens with various resolutions. Tool with which you can measure the size of any selected region — for example, the radius of the circle, the width and height of the specified rectangle or the distance from one object to another.

The extension allows you to define the color of any area on the website, customize it and add on another site. This extension allows the designer to test different fonts on any page in the network.

CSS — Shack — a service that allows designers to design the appearance of the page and export the result in the form of CSS code. The tool can be downloaded or work with them through the browser. A tool for creating and editing screenshots.

A tool that helps to conduct a heuristic evaluation was developed by the designer of interfaces and to detect errors in the construction of pages. Generator random text to fill space on the site layout. Creates texts in a “corporate” style, full of professional vocabulary.

A set of several useful tools for web designer — allows you to view and edit the CSS code of your pages, change styles, etc. The tool allows you to see what font the designer used on a page, and immediately purchase it for future use. Allows one-click to add the freelance-offer to the letter in Gmail.

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