17 Medical Channels In The Telegram

The most popular medical channel in the Telegram. Write about evidence-based medicine Dasha Sarkisyan, Marianne Mirzoyan and Karina Nazaretyan. The cure hypochondriacs and correct the internal voice of the medic. Channel for those who dont want to sit in numerous medcath and follow medicinally, but wants to retrieve all useful. Medical students will be helpful in the first place.

The channel is known to the portal about medicine “Medac”. Write useful articles for physicians and novice scientists. For example, they recently covered how to begin to understand scientific publications and even download them for free. Feed author — a medical student. Finds a lot of interesting articles and videos mainly on the medical and editorial themes.

Updates almost every day. Digital Health and thats all. Links to breakthrough discoveries in medicine with a detailed analysis of new technologies. Author the channel of a young radiologist. Conducts daily educational program in diagnostic radiology and shows interesting cases.

Rentgenology you here. I wonder about everything that relates to biology. New articles, research, texts and translations. The channel with the neurosciences. Behavior, emotions, neurophysiology, psychopharma, data science and so on.

The case when is not “just about the complex”. Perhaps the most worthy of all the many channels about the psychology. Interesting facts, terms, tips. Channel a practicing pediatrician, which duplicates my notes from Facebook. Evidence-based approach to the health of children and their parents.

The newly opened channels of the services of online consultations. The doctors talk about the actual issues coming from their patients. The links in articles you can sign up for online appointment. For mothers and those who are watching their health. Channel organizational-methodical Department of anesthesiology and intensive care, Department of health of Moscow.

For the future of anaesthesiologists and reanimatologists the most. Stands for “Academic Sexology and Social Science”. About sexual and group behavior. Often go beyond the topic and write about the different. Academic approach.

Everything is clear by name. Without extra water the authors x-ray images with the conclusions. Perfect to enhance the experience. Wonderful channel with English speaking specialized medical textbooks. Absolutely free of charge without registration and SMS.

The author just throws the book in electronic format and underneath the cover photo with name. Modern textbooks with the latest trends. The author publishes presentations from conferences. The title of the topic and a link to the album in Google Photos. Very convenient.

Mainly on cardiology subjects.

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