20 minutes with Tim cook

The Buzzfeed journalist held with cook 20 minutes until CEO of Apple on a black Cadillac Escalade was traveling to Manhattan to visit the glass Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. None of the staff knew about his arrival — no menendzher, no security. Apple CEO frequents the companys stores without warning. According to him, this is useful for everyone, including himself — employees do not have to worry about the visit of the head.

“Every time I visit a new city I visit our store”. In the new models the iPhone Siri may not work consistently enough to say “Hey, Siri”. A journalist asked how the feature will affect the privacy of user data. You decide you need Siri or not.

But the answer is obvious — all information is stored on the smartphone and Apple has no access to it. So there are no problems with data privacy. Especially given the fact that most people use a password to unlock iPhone. Cook believes that the 3D Touch, which appeared in the iPhone 6S, the game changer in the industry.

I believe that with 3D Touch my efficiency increased significantly — for example, I have time to process much larger amounts of email. Function really helped get rid of a few front-end steps. “Once the product is ready, we release it, says cook.

— We have not adhered to then. Were releasing everything weve done and then think about what to do next”. I think some people will never buy a computer. Because we are now at the point when the iPad allows them to do what they usually do on the computer.

Others — like me — will continue to buy Mac because it is part of our digital environment. I believe that the Mac will continue to be a key product for Apple for a long time. The journalist asked why he cant remove app Tips (“Tips”) and Stocks (“Shares”) from your smartphone, since he never uses them.

This is a more complicated problem than it seems at first glance. There are applications that are associated with anything in the iPhone. If you remove them, it will cause problems somewhere else. There are other apps that, on the contrary, are not associated with anything. For such applications over time we will find a solution.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/6-tools-that-simplify-work-with-offshore-development-teams/

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