29 Unpopular But Interesting Telegram-channels: Self-education, Technology And Travel

Money is now just numbers in our online wallets, and this is only the beginning. Where all this is moving, I read in this channel. In addition to publications about the “Internet of things” and artificial intelligence in banking, there are many interesting studies and presentations. If you are tired of the insides and releases in the field of information technology and want to hear subjective, but interesting opinion. Feed author not only talks about the news in the it field, but also reflects on the usefulness of a technology.

Publication come out every day, but each entry is surprising and of interest to the device. My wish list got a lot of things I found in this channel. We live in unusual times, especially in the generation X. We saw there was the first cell phone, and now seeing how 3D printers print organs. The channel is about this.

Sometimes you just read about how the human brain works, or what fears may arise in a vacuum, how does the society, which researches in this field are and how modern technologies help us to understand ourselves. If you are a young doctor or just interested in medicine, take a look at this channel. Sometimes there are interesting musicians and groups, which previously have not heard. A lot of interesting guys from Asia that is now gaining popularity all over the world. Besides music, the author shares links to translations of interesting articles.

I also think the great advantage of the presence of tracks in the record have read and listened to. Didnt want to add to the list of channels about marketing, but this one I really like. Dmitry Klimenkov amassed a million rubles and went round the world trip, which details writes in his channel. Every day new experiences and adventures with photos of beautiful places and stories about the sights. The author also shares tips.

How much is housing in a particular state, where to buy food, where to rent a car and how to return the reservation Deposit. On this channel I for one record from 13 December 2016, would have signed — the whole journey, which can be seen at a single glance. Mary lives in Shanghai, travels to Shanghai transport, eating in the restaurants of Shanghai and writes about China. 3Dtoday — the website for owners of 3D printers. Channel publishing links to longreads from the site.

Materials interesting. “Oh vintage, banking, blockchain, machine learning, neural networks, and how all this affects our lives” — a description of the channel. The author signs, how long will it take reading, for me it is critical. To be a trend in any direction, you need to follow trends. Trends to be distinguished from “zilch”, you need to read the right content, especially if we are talking about complicated topics like Frond-end development.

Poster — art, which can afford anyone. This trend is not so big, like paintings or photography, but, in my opinion, many modern posters are not an abstraction, but something already existing, accumulating in a single Arte the essence of the subject. Channel GeekArts publish the posters by clicking on the links, you can buy. Laws, statutes, ordinances, codes change — sounds boring, but it is necessary for each person. That though something to understand in all of these weaves, team “Law and Rights” in detail, but just talks about the new or changing in the world of Russian jurisprudence.

Not to miss a new scientific journal or article that was published in the open access, you need to subscribe to this channel. Michael kumaras, young guru mobile photos, talks about how working on your photos. A unique channel of content, content and presentation. Bushcraft — from the English bush (forest) and the English craft (skill skill, art) — the art of living in the woods, in a broader sense — in nature. The author publishes articles lifehacks and tips.

Sometimes I wonder, what in nature you can find peace of mind by correctly spreading out the fire. Logic puzzles. I found them of use during long trips when the music has already sickened, and the jokes ended. Puzzles not only help pass the time, but also to develop the brain. In this channel extensive collection of videos time-lapse.

I have a friend who started to learn Japanese for anime, and now lives in Tokyo. Just when the Internet speed did not exceed 56 kilobits per second, there was no other option, until now. Announcements of all important events related to technology. Here, too, about the tickets, but for concerts and raves — to relax, too, need. Channel aimed at a female audience, but write about the costumes in the movie, links to a new collection of reading and looking at with pleasure.

Cool longreads from Petersburg, PR-specialist on different topics from professional to personal. Channel moving dipping into nostalgia without the retro graphics and sound. Here you will find the phrase kids that cause a good laugh and warm the soul. Alina talks about “MacDonalds” in different cities around the world.

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