35 Most Innovative Apps 2016 Rating Fast Company

Platform for prototyping interfaces. You can use it to create interactive mockups of apps or sites. Google to create 3D graphics in via virtual reality glasses. The app allows users to draw in the surrounding space, creating three-dimensional images using various built-in tools.

Updated Airbnb guests, according to the project developers, should replace the reception of the hotel. The service suggests attractions that you can visit, and helps guest settle in rented accommodation. Smart device and app to monitor the status of indoor air. The instrument determines the humidity level, air temperature, carbon dioxide levels, the amount of dust and volatile organic compounds, and informs the owner if something is wrong.

The game-constructor, in which you must collect the apartment building of the different blocks. According to the editors of Fast Company, is “something between Minecraft and SimCity. Button platform provides tools for developers with which they can build “useful” ads in third-party services — in the form of buttons. For example, a developer can embed in the app cafe button by clicking on which you will be order a car with Uber.

Updated application CapitalOne allows Bank customers to track their spending, to manage accounts, transfer money and pay bills. Social network for schools. Allows parents to monitor the academic progress of children, communicate with teachers and keep track of important announcements. Supplement for Sketch and Photoshop, which helps to fill the layout with temporary content.

Tool for developing interfaces for mobile applications on smartphones. App for Hiking in San Francisco. A small device, developed in Israel, check the smart building system and helps prevent data leakage or hacking. App of the popular service to search for a GIF in which users can overlay on your GIF files filters with Star Wars, X-Files, and other brands.

Goals — a digital assistant for Google Calendar. Helps the user set goals and monitor their implementation. Hooked the developers describe the app as “a tool for the reading of Millennials. Hooked is the user story in the form of correspondence.

App for travel planning. Hopper can keep track of the best deals and notify the user. IPad-Hopscotch app is designed to intuitively explain the basics of programming to children 8-12 years. Personal assistant Facebook, who can maintain a conversation, to shop and plan events. App MightyTV helps to select a television channel for viewing, which is best suited to the tastes of the user.

Gaming app from Ideo for children, which helps him to develop the dancing skills. Mobile log to reflect the mood from the creators of Monument Valley. The application takes into account the health of the user and gives him guidelines for improving mood. The Pinterest guidelines for the development of mobile interfaces. Extension for Slack, which helps to store all company documents in a structured way.

Mobile application for investment — allows you to buy and sell stocks with the help of smart watch or smartphone. Mobile version of the popular card game. App to analyze tennis matches — collects data in real time and visualizes them in order to coach and player can quickly make the decision to change tactics. Smart Reply for Inbox generates automatic replies to incoming emails. When the user will receive an e-mail, the service will examine its contents and generates the three options that may be suitable as a response.

A game in which the user needs to find the corresponding palette color in a makeshift Petri dish. App for players and Golf fans. Allows you to view the broadcast of tournaments, players and the dimension tables of the Championships. Application designer for children.

As in Lego, Toca Blocks allows you to collect objects from different blocks. Messenger for iOS and Android. Combines the features of text chat and video calls. Tool for creating tables and graphs.

Application for ordering pizza, which do not need to press any buttons — just open the Zero Click Ordering and wait 10 seconds.

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