“4 A.m. Is The Most Productive Time”

33-year-old founder of the design Agency Russ Perry believes that the most productive time for work from 4 to 6 in the morning. According to him, this is the most organized part of the day when he is able to plan and follow your schedule. Perry starts his day with checking email, and financial reports of the company. Then he goes to the gym and back home by 6:30. By this time waking up his daughter.

“I sleep in clothes for fitness and running shoes shoes for 10 seconds after waking up. After that it is very difficult to go back to bed.”. Perry uses a programmable coffee maker that begins to brew coffee at 3:45. Despite the fact that experts in productivity do not advise to start the day with checking email, according to them, its a waste of valuable energy early in the day — entrepreneurs like the feeling of “empty” mailbox. “I feel Im ahead of the rest”.

Your day Perry ends in 22 hours in the evening — this time he goes to bed with earplugs in my ears and eye mask, as his wife is living on a different schedule. As the Wall Street Journal, many managers try to adhere to such a schedule. For example, Apple CEO Tim cook starts his day at 3:45 and comes into the office one of the first. Psychologist Josh Davis of the NeuroLeadership Institutes research in his book “Two incredible hours” explains why at 4 am people the most effective.

When you have peace and quiet, and you dont distract other people with their requests, you become much more productive and do important work. 44-year-old new York businessman Peter Shankman usually wakes up around 4 am. Twice a week he embarks on a 10-mile run around Manhattan. By 7 a.m. he has time to take a shower, get dressed, come to work and answer my mail. Your day he finishes at 20:30.

“By this time Im exhausted but in the best sense of the word. This means that I have no energy to do anything stupid — for example, eat two packages of ice cream Ben & Jerry at 10:30 PM”. Amongst the respondents to The Wall Street Journal entrepreneurs — founder of the recruiting Agency Lauren Milligan, who wakes up at 4 am for 15 years, owner of a fitness center Harmony Studios Karen SALB-Jones, which practices an early rise for 13 years. “I have so many wonderful friends with whom I cant meet due to his order of the day, complains Svalb-Jones. — [This schedule] is working well for my family, but sometimes I want to go to dinner and not look at the clock and rise for that already 21:30″.

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