4 Common Mistakes In Design That Are Easy To Fix

This logo was sent Logomasini in the VC. There is an obvious problem with the transition colors with a gradient. Between shades that are at different ends of the color circle, there is always a “dirty” color. The same mistake was made by Studio Lebedev in his Express design for 100 000 rubles:

This logo difficult to use in life — items with this color look dirty: The fix is easy — between the complimentary colors you want to add one or more hints around “dirty”. For example, like this:

Instead of the dirty green we used a shade of fuchsia logo became warmer, brighter, and most importantly, cleaner. You can pick up other shades. This sign will be more visible, and branded business cards and t-shirts will not look dirty. Sent us this logo:

People rarely examine the logo closely. More often we see a logo in motion, in small format or at a distance. To check how the logo will look like in combat, blur it a bit — its called the “squint test”.

It became obvious that the text on the red die is very hard to read. This is for three reasons. First, he typed in capital. IT SEEMS TO BE CLEAR TO ALL THAT READ THIS TEXT DIFFICULT. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO LOGOS, EVEN VERY LONG TITLES ARE GAINING THE TITLE.

It can be done, but carefully. Second, the text is made “vivendas” — white on red. This also reduces readability. Third, the selected font is slim, so it is necessary to squint, he immediately dissolves into a red background. Wont change the composition, just fix the font in the middle — remove the uppercase viverde and pick up more massive font:

Check out: Even despite the fact that the letters become smaller, the inscription reads better. Now there is a chance to understand what it Kuznetsk College not even looking.

In this simple sign, which was sent to us, youll notice a favorite technique of novice designers is to circle everything. Weve removed the stroke in one of the previous editions: By itself, the stroke is a useful trick, if used to the place.

But most of it you can just get rid of it creates unnecessary noise and complicates the logo. Compare: Simply remove the outline and see if the sign was “easier”, better off without her:

The logo of the Department store chain: A common problem in logos and design in General is a bad song. It is difficult to read, no accents — it is unclear what is important and what is secondary. The Creator of this logo just “play Tetris” trying to piece it together into a compact rectangle:

The result was a disproportionately large “P” emblem-flower, which hung in a random place and a handle that is not on what is not aligned. See how much clearer would be, for example, such a composition: The elements are all the same, with the exception of a giant letter P, but the location is more simple and clear.

Lets apply this pattern: We changed the location and dimensions of the elements. It turned out not perfect, but better than the original. When composing we must look at mutual submission and the location of objects, and not just “play Tetris”, forcing the elements in the empty space.

Then they will highlight key points, signs will be better understood and recognized, and the lettering is easier to read. It was a four common mistakes in design that are easy to fix. Send your design directly in the comments or in our public VK. We analyze mistakes, and sometimes completely reinvent the design and show you the new style. And, as always, good luck to you and your projects!

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