4 Principles For Recruiting Young Technology Teams

Team building is one of the main tasks of any young company, because without a strong of experts, the project cannot be output to the desired level. In the case of technology startups, the importance of selecting the people working on the project, multiplied. We develop a case for iPhone that makes it easy to remove the electrocardiogram and to send data to your doctor. In addition to case, we create apps for both patient and doctor, cloud service.

The user can remove the electrocardiogram and to obtain processed data that will have access to your doctor. The project is very strong scientific component. Need to provide processing of ECG signals coming from the device, to decode this information, as well as to work with large volumes of data. Will tell you what helped us to assemble a team of experts.

Jason Lemkin, CEO of EchoSign, which Adobe bought, in a discussion on Quora gave recommendations on how the startup to build the process of finding new employees. According to the businessman, the founders of the company should be spent on recruiting at least 20% of their time — regardless of the stage of development of the project. Lemkin convinced.

If the entrepreneur will spend a fifth of their time to conduct 5-10 interviews a week or meet with 5-10 candidates, he automatically will have to pay attention to the search for these candidates. This is the preview summary on the specialized sites, the study of profiles of developers on GitHub and so on. Consistency in carrying out this work will improve the average quality of candidates. However, if the Manager will shift the search for new employees in the HR Department, the results will be worse.

Founder CardioQVARK Alexander Eskov worked in accordance with this strategy — he spent time searching for employees and contractors. Now the geography team covers the whole of Russia. The development ordered in the Moscow company, no design work is also in the capital, Professor from St. Petersburg plays the role of consultant, Penza create software, in Kaliningrad there are the production of.

First of all you must decide what the employees need the company at the current stage of development. This task in a column for Forbes described the founder of the international marketing Agency MWI Josh Stemle. The entrepreneur needed to open an office in Hong Kong, and he wanted to know who to recruit first of all. The initial answer was obvious.

The Agency needs a sales person, because without new contracts would not make sense to the team of professional marketers who will work on client projects. When it launched the first sale, the entrepreneur has picked up people based on the objectives of the projects. Some customers wanted the experts on PR, someone to work with social media and so on. Our team needs were primarily doctors, because we wanted to create a working tool for them.

The doctor should not just have to understand that the patient has some problems, but also to know the factors that caused them. To solve this problem, many developers interacted with physicians and expanded the applications functionality to their needs. So it appeared to show the average cardiac cycle and its changes. Comparing these data with patient records medication or physical activity, your doctor may identify abnormalities of the heart and other organs.

Many entrepreneurs from the beginning of development, the company are looking for a very experienced employees. It is clear that a strong young professionals help companies quickly develop the product, but it is not necessary to go to extremes and hire only the “stars”. Marina Kolesnik, Oktogo, who founded the company five years ago in the material of the Russian Forbes advised not to call the “deserving” people.

“Honored” in start-UPS fit very hard. They can start or invest in them, but its hard and many are not willing to work. They interfere with the star merit, and also lack of budget and the system of working routines. We felt it myself.

To interest the luminaries of medical science has not always succeeded, while the young and ambitious doctors willingly went on contact. They say that they were attracted by the opportunity to do something new. Young professionals are the theme of the project was much closer. They use gadgets and interact with technology every day. Not everyone experienced doctors can boast the same deep immersion into the topic, and to assess the prospects of the project it is more difficult.

It is important to understand what are the criteria to select people to the team of a startup, but we need to think about how to get a steady flow of strong candidates. Head of mobile advertising platform StarpApp Jill Dudkevich recommends that you change the usual strategy for networking is to connect with people search current employees. If employees interesting project, they become the best “recruiters” of new professionals. The Dudkevich convinced that employees of a startup must understand the specifics of young companies — for example, to realize that they dont earn as much as in a large Corporation.

To weed out the people who are important only to the salary, the entrepreneur recommends compensation below the market average. In his thoughts, then respond to those who are close to the idea of the project. We held a competition to create an algorithm that would set cardiogram revealed which of them are smokers. The competition provoked a lively response among developers, related has appeared on specialized resources.

This allowed us to obtain new data for research and to engage serious professionals. Employment is one of the most important tasks of the company founder. If he tries to throw off the responsibility for finding new employees, nothing good will come of it. For recruitment, you must choose the right moment.

Our first project is most needed were doctors who helped to collect clinical data. Now we need to handle the growing volume of data and improve the algorithms and we run the program for search analysts and developers. Working on a startup is different from what can be found in a large company, and often the young professionals in this mode is easier to work with. No big achievements motivates them to develop and create something new — so the company can achieve better results than if the project was already proved everything to everyone “star”.

Working on a startup means flexibility, including flexibility of approaches. No one questioned the effectiveness of traditional methods of recruitment but also unorthodox methods may very well work.

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