45 Useful Start-up Blogs About Design, Marketing, Sales And Financing €? Selection Process From The Street

Service command to automate the process of task management, Process Street has published a selection of useful English-language blogs for the founders and leaders of young teams. The list includes sites about marketing, investment, design and other fields. Blog co-founder of startup accelerator TechStars brad Feld.

The author writes about everything related to the industry from the future of education to the principles that he and his colleagues approach. Feld frequently publishes fact sheets and books that he loved for the last time. According to the authors of the material, investor Thomas Tunguska deeply respected in the SaaS industry. In his blog, he publishes small notes about how startups can succeed in this field, however, he always focuses on data and facts.

A blog on Medium, which leads an experienced investor from Silicon valley, mark Suster. Great attention is paid to strategies Sister companies and what startups can learn from projects which are now at the hearing. Partner of venture Fund Andreessen Horowitz, Chris Dixon stopped keeping my own personal blog and switched to Twitter and Medium, but the authors of the material I propose to see and old materials — they are still relevant.

Blog partner of the venture capital Fund Matrix Partners David Skok. Unlike previous authors, gallop emphasis on three-dimensional and detailed guides on the various mechanics of the development of the business and aspects of the work of startups and big companies. Hunter walk is a partner at seed Fund Homebrew.

“He writes for her own blog not too often, but his posts combine a detailed analysis of data from various sources and stories from their own experience,” the authors explain the material. The blog of a venture capitalist with 15 years of experience of Frederic Destin. In his publications, he dispels key myths surrounding venture capital financing and reveals the principles of their work — for example, in one of the materials he talks about how normally projects are harder to close a round of series B.

Ben Horowitz — co-founder of the influential Andreessen Horowitz Fund. In the corporate blog, he publishes the podcasts and great articles on why this or that company was able to achieve success or failed. Om Malik — founder of Gigaom publication and partner of the venture capital Fund True Ventures. In his blog, he will present an overview of technology trends and the history of large companies from Silicon valley.

In one of the publications he examines in detail the story of “cloud” Dropbox. Malik also runs another blog that collects the most interesting interviews with representatives of the industry. The blog that leads the investor in the Fund Greycroft Yang Sigalow. In the materials he describes stories from his own experience and shares tips for startup founders to attract investment, marketing and evaluation of the project.

One of the most popular blogs about SaaS industry, which leads the entrepreneur Jason Lemkin. Corporate blog venture capital Fund based in new York and Los Angeles. Basically the authors of published studies, articles on market trends and tips for young projects on how to grow a business.

Analyst and entrepreneur Andrew Chen has a blog, which publishes its own reflections and research, as well as the newsletter with the most interesting materials about the industry. In his blog, President of the renowned startup accelerator Y Combinator Sam Altman publishes notes about everything that concerns the development of the startups about what should be the ideal co-founder of how to survive the time after raising funds and so on. The author of the collection warns that essay Altman almost always very large.

Paul Graham — founder of Y Combinator accelerator. “The fact that his essay is required reading for young entrepreneurs, is not worth mentioning,” writes the author of the material. The blog is an investor and entrepreneur Dave Kellogg.

He writes on management, communication with customers, Analytics, and fundraising, and published as great stories and brief opinions of industry. The blog is SEO specialist Brian Dean. The materials he shares new tactics and research results about search engine marketing. As the author notes collection, a new article publishes the Dean is not very often, but for each of the materials are months of research and analysis.

This blog is a collection of useful materials on the methods of Growth Hacks, which are used in rapidly growing companies. The blog deals with the problems faced by startups when they make their first steps in marketing, and publishes detailed instructions on how to conduct a successful campaign.

Blog expert on social media Derek Halpern, who uses a psychological approach to the promotion of. The materials he backs up with research and examples from practice. The founder of Kissmetrics Neil Patel in his blog examines the practices of SMM, SEO, principles of the newsletters and gives marketing tips.

Inbound — aggregator that gathers the most interesting news about marketing, and Inbound Originals blog authors publish their own notes. Among the topics that they cover, promotion at Facebook, user support, working with freelancers and content marketing. Blog expert SaaS industry Hiten Sha. It publishes guidance for conducting campaigns, shares his own experience and creates a collection of useful content.

Blog about optimizing sites and the development of interfaces. The authors tell how to increase conversion rates and improve other metrics. Manages the blog peep Laya, specialist in Analytics and UX with over 15 years of experience.

The Kissmetrics team is developing analytical tools for business, and writes in his blog about customer support, development projects and email marketing. On its website, the team Ahrefs service publishes about SEO, the promotion of projects and Internet marketing. The project team publishes in-depth coverage of marketing and promotion in social networks, supported by own experience and research.

“Even if you are not interested in social media, the company blog is worth exploring as an example of how to pack corporate content,” says the author of the collection. Unbounce — the development Studio that has been creating tools for the design and optimization of landing pages. Articles which the team publishes in his blog that also focuses on optimization, and one of the favorite themes of the authors — conversion optimization.

Blog service automation Zapier can find materials about marketing, productivity, optimization, tools for business and the development of creativity. Close.io — the developer of CRM-system. In the blog, the project team looked not only tools and hacks for sales, but other areas that interest young entrepreneurs, recruiting, business development and others.

In his blog, the team of CRM system Pipedrive examines practical issues. How to write an ad script and what metrics should turn more attention, and also describes the history of successful projects. The authors of the blog Sales Hacker coverage strategy that is applicable in b2b business. They tell you how to increase sales, how to hire good people and reveal other aspects of the business.

Team Datanyze focuses on the SaaS industry and mainly publishes sales tips for its members. The blog talks about how to use data and analysis to optimize sales process. The authors also publish articles on the development of leadership skills for managers.

Blog founder and technical Director of the project marketing HubSpot Dharmesh Shah. The entrepreneur collects tips on marketing, sales, leadership, young company, business development from industry professionals. A community of designers, developers and creative entrepreneurs, which publishes materials on product design and UX.

The authors of the project are also podcast about events and industry news. A blog about usability and UX, which is updated weekly. Lead it consultant for web development Justin Mifsud.

The website, which publishes articles about everything related to design and development of interfaces. “UX plays an important role in marketing, so designers useful to know how the interface affects the performance of the conversion. It is not a blog, as table allowance, in all aspects of UX,” writes the author of the material. InVision develops tools for designers, and a blog, the project team publishes materials about the industry — from thinking about why developers should learn design, to the guides at the interfaces of the SaaS platform.

Blog and email newsletter on marketing, pricing models and other issues facing business. Team developer publishes everything that happens directly after the sale of the product to the client — working with the buyer using the product and so on.

A blog about the mechanics of Customer Success, who leads a former employee of Gainsight Lincoln Murphy. The author of the collection believes that it is one of the most complete collections of materials on the topic. The authors describe not only the customer but also all the way a young project as a whole. The blog is a compilation of materials about email marketing, sales, recruiting fans of the brand.

“This is one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen. In addition, it contains a variety of materials to customer support, product development, culture in the company and other issues”, — writes the author of the collection. The team collects materials for pricing, sales and management of a distributed team for SaaS projects.

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