47% Of Readers Of The Telegram Channels, Translate Them Into Silent Mode

Ukrainian businessman and co-founder of the service for turning the tables Tabledo sites Vasyl Vaskul conducted a survey of preferences of the readers of the authors channels in the Telegram and made their rating. Vaskul amounted to a simple form of five questions and asked a few friends to publish her in his Telegram-channels. After three days, he received responses from 403 readers per week number of respondents increased to 2,100 people.

He found that 44% voted (924) signed on 4 to 10 channels, and 10% of users (210) — 21 to 30 channels. While 47% of respondents indicated that they transferred all the channels they subscribe to silent mode. 73% (1533 people) reading the updates of the channels several times a day, and 1% (21 people) — on weekends only.

According to 77% of voters, the optimal number of daily publication of the channel ranges from one to ten records. Top 5 most popular themes to create a Telegram-channel — is a compilations of links, publications about marketing, startups, news and science.

Collected data, Vasyl Vaskul ranked the most popular author of Russian channels in Telegram. In the first place (55 thousand subscribers) channel “English”. On the second (26 million subscribers) — an anonymous political commentator “Nesigur”. The third collection of “Interesting articles”.

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