5 Professions That Will Replace The Chat-bots And Artificial Intelligence In The Next 5-10 Years

How long will it take a career growth chat bot from assistant to Pro. Chat-bot is one of the interaction interfaces of artificial intelligence with the outside world. Today it is at an early level of development. In the media, many people speculate that the AI (artificial intelligence) will completely replace real professionals in the next few years, but it is not so. The vacuum cleaner until you have replaced the cleaner, and to todays AI has grown to the level of a vacuum cleaner, they should begin to understand natural-language queries and to respond adequately to them.

It will take 2-3 years. Another 5 years will need to have the AI learn how to consciously plan their activities in the information environment. Then we can talk about competition with real people. Catalyst for the introduction of AI is their high efficiency relative to the person. McKinsey predicts that U.S. businesses will save $23 billion on the payment of salaries, when bots will replace employees of the service sector.

We are talking about “coders” — those who invent new algorithms, and use ready-made methods and even blocks, and by combining them, to solve formal tasks. Their replacement will speed up the development process, to exclude technical errors and to reduce errors due to incorrect interpretation of the requirements. To replace the developer — expensive and long. So business people will have to suffer “real” programmers until the industry giants wont release a universal product in this area. Specialists in Computer Science are in demand for a long time.

AI will be able to conduct an initial interview without the invitation of the candidate to the office. The candidate search can be performed on a huge number of places, including social networks. The selection criteria can be not only the formal requirements of customer jobs, but also various “subtle” characteristics of the candidates found in them to leave the “network traces”. It is possible to use the existing infrastructure and functionality to gather information about users of the network.

Now this functionality is in one way or another implemented in bots FlatPi, Recbo and Mya — they help you to look for candidates, rank them, to answer questions of candidates, send them notifications. A formal approach to the planning of the work of the office, ordering office supplies, tickets, travel, etc. In Britain there is an intermediate option — robot Betty, which monitors the working time of employees, the emotional climate in the team, orders supplies, and so on. The ability of deep analysis of huge amounts of information, search a large number of heterogeneous sources, their comparison, aggregation, consolidation and reporting and recommendations a high degree of reliability.

We will be able to get away from the endless hypotheses and tests to the exact analysis of user behavior, to identify common patterns and to understand the reasons that cause them. If we talk about traffic Manager, here improves the level of selection of advertising channels, the control over the rates, checking a much larger number of hypotheses, to increase the speed in decision-making. For marketers already have the functionality Persado, based on cognitive data analysis and generate relevant messages for the target audience. The operator first line support typically responds to standard questions, readdressing more difficult questions. The operators are the scripts that is fully formalized knowledge base, arranged in a tree view topics and replies.

The chat-bot will be able to operate with scripts much faster, which will allow him to one processing shaft applications and to completely close the first line. Some of this functionality bots perform Twyla and Aivo. At first, the chat-bot to translate complex issues to the operator and study at the same time, so that over time we can do this without operators and consultants. Todays solutions in the field of AI can not fully replace the staff.

But due to the automation of formalized processes and data analysis and interpretation, business can benefit. Especially big companies where there is a huge stream of recurring requests from users and standard operations. Most importantly, what in the world a user was demand for such automation. People will be more willing to consult with chat bot, than to wait forever on the line the response of the operator. The development of cognitive graphics and methods of natural language processing will allow bots more emotionally and naturally responding.

Furthermore, bots can analyze user data and to act proactively, not waiting until the man himself is aware of the problem and treat it.

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