5 Trends In Mobile Programmatic

Spending on mobile advertising in 2016 increased by 44.7%. Such data are published, the Agency Smaato in its quarterly report, “Global Trends in Mobile Advertising” in the last quarter of 2016. The company analyzed a large dataset and identified 5 important trends in the mobile advertising market. The level of income in the report is analyzed by the average eCPM – revenue on each 1000 impressions, the indicator shows the average cost of traffic. Last year, eCPM increased by 92% for all countries.

On the map blue indicates areas where the average eCPM has increased by more than 100%. The most pronounced growth in China, Scandinavia, the Western part of South America and some European countries. Market leaders mobile – USA, UK, Germany – showed a moderate increase, the average esrm in these countries grew in the range of 50-100%. Go back to spending. The largest region for mobile ad spending is America.

The average cost grew up here in 2016 to 56%, USA – 58.1% in Canada – by 103.5%. A significant leap occurred in the developing countries of Latin America – Paraguay (+183%), Uruguay (+137%), Puerto Rico (+122%). In the Asian region, growth in spending on mobile advertising accounted for 36.4%, the leaders of China (+252%) and Japan (143%). Among the European countries in the first place is Sweden (+101%). The last few years in digital advertising budgets to mobile flow.

In 2013, the percentage of spending on desktop ads to mobile was 84% to 16% in 2016, spending on mobile advertising surpassed desktop for the first time – 44% to 56%, and in 2019 the forecast Smaato mobile advertising will occupy about 71% of the total expenditure on digital advertising. Interestingly, the distribution of costs in the mobile. 85% of the costs for last year fell on in-app advertising. This is logical, because according to statistics the average smartphone users 85,7% of time in apps. In the system of PMA Network, about 90% advertising in-app.

Figure ASRM in-app advertising grew by 130%, and mobile web sites – 67%. In China the highest share of spending on in-app ads among all mobile-costs – 99% USA – 84%, Germany 89%. Among the 20 largest countries by spending on advertising, the figure is not below 50%. The world average spending on mobile video advertising grew by 172% (4th quarter of 2016 compared to the 3rd quarter of 2016), in the United States, this rate has increased more than doubled (+129%), Asia leap at all huge. Expenditures increased almost ten times.

And revenue from mobile ads in the US, Germany and Australia. According to the observations of Smaato advertisers prefer vertical video format 320×480 – about a third of the total (33%), following on the popularity of the format 300×250, 27% of the costs. In third place – horizontal banner 480×320, he also leads in eCPM. If you compare different formats of video at average cost traffic, leading outstream and instream, they exceed the standard for the banners eCPM almost 40 times. Smaato compared spending on mobile advertising by day of the week.

The greatest number of costs falls on Friday and Saturday, followed by Thursday. On Mondays, the costs are lower by 10% than on Friday. Despite geographical and cultural differences the dependence of spending on mobile advertising from the day of the week can be traced in all major countries. So in the US, China and Japan the most popular day is Saturday, and in Germany, the UK and Australia – Friday. The November and December holiday period in many countries.

In previous years, the largest number of advertising costs accounted for the pre-Christmas days and Christmas, but this year the peak of expenditure were two other holiday – Black Friday, which begins Christmas sales, and of Singles Day, traditional for Asian countries “the day of the bachelor.”. Singles Day is celebrated in China with 90 years in contrast to the Western “Valentines Day”, this year it fell on November 11. This day the Internet stores say sales per day sales of the 16 largest Chinese online stores amounted to 25.94 billion. $. This was reflected in the level of spending on mobile advertising.

On 10 and 11 November Smaato noted the high level of spending on advertising in a number of countries, among them Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong. While in the European countries and the United States the greatest level of spending on mobile advertising in Q4 2016 fell on Black Friday (November 25). Translation and adaptation of the PMA Network. The original version of the report here.

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