5 Ways To Improve Employee Motivation

Executive Director of marketing Agency “Biplane” Eugene karuk about the use of gamification in the corporate processes. In 2014, we decided to tackle the motivation of the team. I mean not the typical praise from management and financial bonuses, and a systemic approach with creative solutions.

In the first case we clearly know who and when to reward, but in the second there were difficulties with the organization process and the involvement of every employee. I think it is sufficient to publish news and chat loudly to announce it to all the staff. Maybe if your workers are extroverts. And try to arouse office activity for programmers, developers, analysts and SEO specialists who love to dive into the tasks.

Most of them are indifferent to corporate entertainment, considering them a waste of time. We agree that complaining to the health experts at least silly. But lets be objective.

This approach is beneficial when the company participates in races on a short distance, unlike a marathon, where it is difficult to avoid fading and temporary depression. You long to look for excuses from the “Nothing happens” and “who agrees to it”. It usually ends in most of the initiatives. We decided that it was better with something to start, and then to make adjustments and improve efficiency.

We had problems with the stream of expert opinions to the masses. The reason is simple — for a long time that no one did. To solve these problems, we invited PR Manager who has decided to identify potential authors and speakers among the employees of the Agency.

Unfortunately, wishing it was a little. Someone doubted in their skills, others considered it a minor task. There were even offers to find a copywriter, and Evangelist, responsible for speaking at industry events. We immediately rejected such options, because to tell you about our experience must specialist from the project team. He knows all the details, failures and victories, tools and techniques, however, did not want to write, and is afraid of public speaking.

In addition, we revived the group in Facebook and got a corporate account in Instagram, which only increased our need for content. Decided not to use leverage, and try playing a format that can arouse in employees a desire and initiative. First, we divided the content into two components.

Informal — notes-with photos and profile for publications in the media. Still had to give the employees a competitive passion and desire to win, but it is not so easy. Gamification is ideally suited for our task, it only remained to paint and structure. Came to the aid of a point rating system.

One point per photo for Instagram, two — note-for third party theme, three for a comment on the profile request, for an article in the corporate blog and five for serious material for industry publications. At the end of the month we have identified three winners, who were awarded an extra day off, lunch at any restaurant near the office, a day working from home with the bonus of pizza or Japanese food. Employees liked the idea, so the first time we had no problems with immersion in gamification for its benefits, but after a couple of months, the interest began to fall.

In a hurry we have not thought through all the nuances, considering our innovation exciting by definition. You know, there are times when you run and tell an important news for you, and the rest silently nod their head and switch to your business. It was so. The fight for the leading position slid to the simple rule.

“to do the minimum — to maximum”. I had questions. “Who scored?”, “Can you do five photo and overtake all the others?”, “And two thousand characters is enough for an article in a blog?” and so on. In the minds of employees were a goal to get into the top three.

We tried to change the format and the prizes, drop all the unnecessary. Monetary reward is only for specialized content, comments, articles, webinars, master-classes. Thought adjustments will work, but we were wrong. Interest was gone, and to insist we didnt see the point.

Instead, we decided to analyze the situation and get feedback. Divided all participants into groups depending on the reasons for the refusal. No time, no desire, fear of mistakes. In the end we refused to gamification, or rather postponed it for later, by focusing your efforts on working with those who have attended a sense of fear.

With this cause of failure can and must be fought. Gradually we have changed their attitude to the problem, making two humble people in the speakers industry conferences and business breakfasts. Sales staff turnover is typical, especially when everything is based on cold calls. Looking ahead, I note that now we have completely changed the format and only work on incoming applications, however, its another story.

At that time, we attracted a lot of new people on probation — met, we tested their capabilities, looked at the results and decide. Some of them are poorly versed in Internet marketing, but possessed great communication skills. Before, when we were having such problems, we used an individual approach in training, allowing the beginner to quickly start work.

But the situations are different. In the framework of the innovation called “Agile”, which the company launched a week before the recruitment in the sales Department, we developed the educational program. It was the first idea, approved at the meeting on the adaptation of familiar methodology developers.

Made a plan, divided into iterations, agreed on the deadlines and embarked. Each head of Department is contextual advertising, SEO, SMM, Analytics, development had to prepare eight lessons in their field, plus a few homework assignments and a final test. The training took place five times a week and took one hour a day, if the teacher has not delved into the subject.

At first we were afraid that the audience will get confused in the wording and terms, but after the preliminary results of all the fears are gone. Unplanned test showed great results — 85% coped with the tasks, the remaining 15% was close to success. The training program has taken root and helped to prepare employees to communicate with potential customers.

They were happy to new knowledge and increased attention on the part of the management team. The newcomers began to talk with the experts in professional language. This has reduced the time for discussion and approval of advertising campaigns.

In the future we changed the mechanics, freeing leaders from the teaching activities. Their knowledge, skills, and free time is an important resource that needs to be spend wisely. We cant pull people away for training new staff when there is an active project tasks.

Finally put together all the methodological information and translated it into an interactive format by creating a library of knowledge. Now every new employee can be trained in a particular area or just test yourself. In fact, a key role in creating the readers club was played by the initiative of the managing partner, who regularly consumes business books and shares interesting notes with your team. Many of us love to spend a quiet evening reading books, but to tell about the gained knowledge units.

Then we thought. “Why dont we start to talk about it out loud, to share information and look for interesting solutions. Still, the team rallied in the process”. So we had the idea of a “Book club”.

We regularly discuss movies, TV shows, music albums, books and plays, but this is not enough — you need a centralized approach. Made the regulations prescribed the rules and started recruiting participants. In such matters it is better to use offline presentation, so we decided to announce the news to the whole office and immediately evaluate the interest of employees.

Gathered participants from five people and proceeded to vote on the selection of books. We had no strict rules and conditions, what matters is the practical benefit, which can be used for the development of the Agency. The business model, the experience of other companies, innovative solutions, methods and approaches to work. Every employee we paid for the print or electronic version.

A first projecting member is seriously approached the case by setting the bar high. Club meetings are held twice a month, presentations were better, but liability is not allowed to be late. Everything was unobtrusive and voluntarily, otherwise motivation is lost all meaning.

Over time the club grew, the total number of participants reached ten people, and the library company received a separate place in the office. A few months later, we even joined the “League reading companies MYTH”. Now people are exchanging books, watching the news and not put off reading for months. No limits on attendance at each meeting, in contrast to the presentations which are a required part of the program.

Many staff members attend meetings of the club from time to time is fine, we welcome all. The important thing is that we have a core group of five people. They set a good example, attracting the attention of new team members to the “Book club”. We thought long and hard how to add positive on Friday.

Of course, at the end of the working week you can do without the extra motivation, but why not instill in employees the desire to stay in office, even if they came to work early. Everyone decides for himself. We ordered the drum, installed it, wrote on pieces of paper the names and put them in special capsules. According to the rules the first leading lottery determined the three winners who came for gifts.

We began to notice that some of the staff is distracted by their business or sitting in the phone, so decided to change the format of the. Leading pulled the bronze medalist, he chose the bowl with a silver medal, which made the final step to determine the winner. The winner got the most precious gift.

We adhere to only one rule — each drawing should have its own theme and prizes. For example. Spring — a vitamins and fruit, “Oktoberfest” — beer and sausages, rainy weekend — cocoa and cookies.

Now we are having a raffle every Friday for ten minutes before the end of the day. First, many employees were delayed for the lottery in anticipation of healthy and delicious prizes. Second, positive mood before the weekend. Thirdly, the gifts can be useful in the coming days. To predict the outcome is impossible — that is the case.

Although we had an interesting coincidence when people won multiple times. New year came nearer, it is time corporate. The restaurant we had already booked, “Secret Santa” had, so had to work out a few days to have a good time and go on a holiday vacation.

This time our action group decided to depart from the usual topics, offering to adapt a popular television program. We liked the idea, however, there were doubts about the venue. A year ago, we moved into the former Museum of the Apple, which is superlatively great room. The organizers said that everything will be fine dont worry.

Its a game — room with an obstacle course and various containers of insects. To recreate this almost impossible, especially in our office, so I had to improvise. We have kept the format with hints, riddles of the elder and the final assignment on time, but adjusted the contests with physical activity.

The job was. Throw tennis balls in the basket, identify things blindfolded, draw and explain a subject to guess a few songs performed by colleagues. Instead of a tower “the elder” was sitting in the kitchen and threw the note in the open window. Guess the riddle turned out only one participant, in contrast to the final task, which passed three teams.

We could not afford to throw coins and draw tigers. Instead, we hid a lot of candy-males — characters of 2017. Participants had to collect the maximum number of hints to guess the key word and within minutes the find a caramel treats in the break room. Who is the most collected wins.

The first game was a great success, the team received a lot of positive emotions and adrenaline. All competitions were at the time — it adds a little spice to the competition. The winning team received a gift of a big cake and chocolate coin.

People liked the game, so we had two “Ford Boyarda” for discharge and training of logical thinking. Contests and rules are still in the adjustment process, because the feedback from staff had substantive suggestions for improving the game. We did not conduct a special survey, each just shared his opinion. This reaction was a good signal.

Now we are preparing a report with feedback and suggestions on upgrading to anything new. For this rather small plaques in Excel. The first hour of work staff spend half-asleep. It is familiar to any employer.

Sometimes, I cant get into a rhythm, trying to find refuge in a coffee or loud music in the headphones. In our company there are people who are active in sports and doing morning exercises. They from the first minute of the working day focused on productivity, energy in them brims over. We took it on Board and decided to try it.

Start set for 10:00. Each specialist was able to take the initiative and show a set of exercises. At first there were many opponents of the innovation, therefore, the first training was conducted by our HR. Many tried to avoid loads in all possible ways — was late, calling someone on the phone or simply depicted the appearance of feverish activity.

We began to doubt that idea will take root in our Agency. On the market there are many examples of negative experiences and negative comments from representatives of other companies. In search of a solution we have studied several materials and came to the conclusion that most of the claims boil down to a simple question. “Why?”.

The answer we gave at the beginning. But how to arouse the desire of all participants. Then we went on our way and added creativity. The initiative group in the marketing, HR, PR Manager and business consultant wore festive outfits and come up with intricate exercise — “crazy tapping”, “prowling cat,” “wave terminator, unmanaged biscottes” and so on.

We could not every day to do such non-standard supply. Well, charging quickly became a habit, and the game format helped to change the perception. Employees ceased to treat it as a service. Everyone is doing it gladly, counting the final exercise signal the beginning of the working day.

After it people do not go for coffee or a smoke, and start to call clients and discuss projects. The whole process takes ten minutes, charging the team with vivacity and energy. Dont worry if your office has no shower, just keep in mind this factor when compiling a set of exercises.

We also carry out sports, go on a picnic, go skating, play in the mafia and monopoly. We are not limited to the existing methods of motivation and always consider new options. Briefly outline that helped us in raising the General level of motivation among employees:

We do not make a clear separation between the material and non-material motivation, trying to develop in employees the initiative in any way possible. Some need a financial prize, others are waiting for interesting offers from the company. Today, our team is a team with an active lifestyle. Each of us contributed in the preparation and implementation of these plans.

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