50 Cheapest Countries To Live €? Rating GoBankingRates

American company GoBankingRates released the results of a study of countries with the lowest cost of living. The study took into account several factors. The index of purchasing power, the level of rents in the consumer basket and the cost of local services.

Analysts compared each parameter with the same index in new York. For example, in South Africa, the level of purchasing power higher than in new York, at 27%, and rental rates below 88%.

Russia ranked 39th place in the rating. Goods and products in the country is 66% cheaper than in new York, the cost of rental housing is less than 85%, and local goods and services cheaper by 60%. Kazakhstan has entered the top-10 rankings the country occupies the fifth place. The researchers said the low cost products and local goods.

Ukraine — the 24th. Top 50 countries with the lowest cost of living:

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