50 Useful Resources For Those Who Want To Know All About Contextual Advertising

Courses, training contextual advertising, really a lot. This is great as the specialists at the same time there are many opportunities for professional development. How to choose the most useful course. Our recommendations are fairly simple. Carefully review the program of each course and try to find real reviews of its graduates.

Courses that do not require confirmation of credibility. A great opportunity to learn directly from the experts of the advertising platform, as the course instructors are specialists of “Yandex” and their partners. Usually classes are held three times a week for two weeks. There are archive recordings of the presentations made earlier, is a useful resource for anyone working on context.

All classes are free. Participants who pass the course successfully receive a certificate. These courses — some of the new, they were announced just a few days ago. Thanks to them you will be able to learn more about basic Google AdWords tools, settings, types of advertising campaigns and how to obtain required business result.

Among the lecturers will be experts from Google. A short ten-day online course where you can learn about the advanced capabilities of Google AdWords, learn how to track conversions and analyze campaign results. Despite the duration of the course, the programme is quite extensive and consists of five modules of theory. Lecturer — Elena Bit-Isho, the head of the production Department Adventum. The company offers open webinars, and long training courses.

The authors of the program promise that lessons will be of a most practical character. The choice available to eight training courses in different areas. Distance learning course with a flexible schedule of training and emphasis on practice and refinement of skills. The course consists of ten lectures, the last of which is an exam. All the six teachers of the course are specialists from the Experts WebPromo UA Master TemposWeb, Quadrate28 and independent experts.

The start of the next course — February 13. This distance learning course is slightly shorter than previous. Eight lectures in which experts will talk about the creation of the account in “Yandex.Direct”, generating ads, run campaigns, automation and optimization, “Yandex.Metric”. At the end of the course is also an exam on which students will have to run your own advertising campaign.

Courses consist of eight sessions that will help students learn to set up and conduct an advertising campaign in AdWords and the “Direct” plan the budget, work with counters Analytics and analyze traffic. Lecturer — Dmitry Klimchuk, Director General of the Agency Click.ru. Classes are held in Moscow, on the basis of MIRBIS. Intense hour and a half course from “Netology” for those who want to quickly master the basic skills needed to run a successful advertising campaign in “Yandex.Direct”.

During training you will learn how to start an account, select relevant keywords, choose the right bet, to automate tools and much more. Presenter of the course — Irina Kozlova, Executive Director of advertising Agency “Blonde.ru”. Online course recently started, but if you hurry, you still can join it. The course consists of four units. Yandex, Google, web Analytics and analysis of the effectiveness, as well as automation and advanced features.

Not the most obvious place to study contextual advertising, however, the creators of the courses managed to gather a strong team of lecturers. Specialists of “Yandex”, big business, and consulting. The company conducts courses aimed at creating an effective contextual advertising in Google AdWords and “Yandex.Direct” for both beginners and professionals. Suits you youll be able to find on their website.

I have to say that ABCs contextual advertising, where everything would be painted a to , not and, unfortunately, can not be. This is due to the fact that the industry is developing too fast. After release, the book may be out of date after a couple of months. However, there are some interesting works that will allow you to navigate the market and understand the basic principles of. While reading make allowances for the fact that some positions might have already lost relevance.

The book is interesting because it focuses on small and medium business accordingly, all recommendations and case studies in it as close to the realities of Russian companies. The book explains how to start an advertising campaign in AdWords, run dynamic remarketing, and, in General, to improve the efficiency of contextual advertising. A nice bonus — a manual distributed free of charge.

Another free book. The work consists of two parts — for beginners and experienced professionals. The authors promise that after reading you will be able to attract more traffic for less money and thus to save the budget. A practical edition, which provides marketers with simple and useful tips on how to create, measure and maximize results contextual campaigns in Google.AdWords.

The book is available in English only. This book is also, unfortunately, not translated into Russian language. But if your English skills allow her to read — dont miss this edition because it has received positive testimonials from many experts and companies such as Google and Digital Analytics Association. The book covers all the basic aspects necessary for beginners. The psychology of search in the Internet, principles of compile of the key words, history, AdWords, mobile advertising, methods of targeting, results analysis and more.

According to the authors, this book is a great start for those who are just about to start a contextual advertising because it talks about how to avoid basic mistakes and to keep the budget in vain. It is more popular abroad than in Russia. In our opinion, the book in Russia is severely underestimated as it contains a lot of practical tips on how to create effective ads that sell, to increase sales, strengthen customer relationships and to become leaders in their niche. Each section of the book is devoted to some practical aspects, i.e. how to choose the semantic-how to use targeting to improve ad performance, what is CTR and why it is so important headlines.

The book is not suitable for beginners — it is designed more for experienced professionals who are well versed in the technologies and terms. Interestingly, the author uses a mathematical approach to contextual advertising. Bonus. The book is distributed free of charge.

Blogs contextual advertising are as individual experts and companies working in this industry. We have included a selection including foreign blogs because in them you can learn about the advanced technologies in the field of contextual advertising. Neil Patel is an entrepreneur and recognized expert in the field of Internet marketing. In his opinion, the effectiveness of classical instruments gradually reduced to achieve maximum results, it is necessary to constantly generate and implement fresh ideas.

Them he describes in his blog. Another recognized foreign blog about Internet marketing. Heidi covers a broad list of topics for content marketing, SMM and contextual advertising. Published materials are usually small in size, but very informative and contain specific instructions for action.

One of the features of the blog is a living language and humor. The resource, which you probably already know. Hubspot is a veritable encyclopedia for anyone working on marketing and sales because it covers a huge list of topics. The blog is updated frequently, so not to miss anything useful, we recommend you to subscribe.

Techcrunch is hardly a blog, but not to mention it is impossible. There are no specific recommendations for working with contextual advertising, but all the advanced market news and qualitative Analytics you will find it there. Must read for any specialist in the field of online advertising.

Excellent blog, which you can read about how to create an effective advertising campaign, increase your ROI, create and sell new products. The authors of the blog are also interesting podcast Perpetual Traffic. An English blog where you will find materials on various topics. Contextual advertising, SMM, CMO, Analytics, e-commerce, mobile advertising and other.

The blog is updated frequently and is very similar to a full-fledged media. Another quality, constantly updated blog on contextual advertising. Interesting topic — answers to questions from readers of the blog. Any person may ask questions to the experts of the company (e.g. whether to connect the call-tracking) and get a detailed, complete answer with references and recommendations.

The blog covers a range of topics on Internet marketing. Contextual advertising, lead generation, conversion optimization, pricing, copywriting, startups, social media, inbound marketing, business Analytics, usability and much more. Nice blog with practical tips, which, unfortunately, is not promptly updated recently. Chips blog — the most practical recommendations for improvement of advertising campaigns. Is designed more for experienced professionals, as there are a lot of specialized vocabulary and mechanic.

If you are interested in Analytics and analysis, then this blog is for you. In the blog you will find a large longreads, and short instructions for experts in Internet marketing. Subscription to professional Telegram-channel is an easy way to stay up to date and to invest a minimum amount of time.

Channel is updated daily. The content. List two to five days of Russian-language media and blogs that are useful for professionals on contextual advertising and, in General, for anyone involved in Internet marketing. The publish several times a day useful links to analyses, columns and articles on contextual advertising and online marketing.

The posts are conveniently arranged. In addition to the links in them is an indication of the target audience of entry approximate time of reading and a brief synopsis of the information. Channel a lot of time on description of the new tools in Internet marketing (many of them suitable for contextual advertising) and “chips” on the efficient use of existing. Also in the channel you will find many useful links to other channels and media coverage.

A digest of news sites, links to interesting articles and blogs, announcements of relevant conferences, and many other relevant specialists materials. If you love numbers and analysis — this channel is for you. A lot of pictures, useful links and personal position of the author.

One of the most famous Telegram channels of marketing in Russia — more than 12 thousand subscribers. From the point of view of contextual advertising, the channel may not be the most useful, however, in order to be aware of events in the industry, fits perfectly. Feed author — Semyon Efimov.

This is not a channel, and chat. Very useful for those who advertise on desktop and mobile devices, as it allows you to quickly get answers to your questions from other professionals. A small Telegram-channel with interesting mini-guides. In the channel you will find.

Short extracts from the media and the blogs (including foreign), update sites and interesting examples of case studies. Checklists, related services, helpful tips. For example, how to calculate ROI, CPA or CPC. Feed author is now engaged in the development of the eponymous website.

Another chat in Telegram. The participants share their vacancies and resumes in the digital sphere. There are many vacancies for professionals in contextual advertising.

Another option for busy professionals that allows you to find useful information without being distracted from the main cases. Video content and podcasts are not so popular in Russia, but our selection includes really interesting and high quality resources. Video channel on Youtube, which includes lectures on Internet marketing from the leading experts of Runet. There is a useful record for those who specializiruetsya on contextual advertising, for example, a master class from Oleg Rudakov on how to make a custom report in Google Analytics or performance of Anton Veronica about setting goals for different types of projects.

Official video channel of Google where you will find records with relevant conferences, workshops and webinars from Google specialists and their partners, optimization tips and more. Similar to the previous video channel. News of the campaign, recommendations for improving your RK, video presentations, webinar recordings, commercials and all you need to know about Yandex.

Very useful, but not quite a famous Youtube channel about contextual advertising, SMM, SEO and SMO. There is a great interactive topic — answers to questions from the audience. Unfortunately, in recent time the channel is not so frequently updated.

Probably one of the most famous video channels in Russia. In it you will find webinars, workshops and the transfer of current trends of Internet marketing, new technologies and tools in e-commerce, SMM, SEO, web development. For professional context, too, there is something interesting, for example, information about Google Adwords, affiliate networks and mobile advertising.

A lot of useful tips and recommendations on optimizing and improving advertising campaigns. SeoProfy promptly respond to new trends or changes of venues and record instructional videos that help students understand the updates. Remember, we talked above about webinars from WebPromo Experts. So, on their Youtube channel contains a large collection of their records.

In the channel very easy to navigate by category. Chips Internet marketing, case studies, meeting with expert, tips from lecturers and field reports. Podcast, unfortunately, not updated for about a year, but many of the older records are still very relevant. Safely listen to programs about programmatic, mobile advertising and Analytics and automation.

New podcast about contextual advertising. Leading podcast invite various experts to discuss relevant topics. Performance marketing, contextual advertising efficiency, proper budget allocation, search specialists and more. For the visual — text decryption interview vc.ru.

English language podcast for those who want to be aware of all the global news in the field of marketing. Weekly discussion of John wall and Christopher Penn about the most important updates in the industry. One of the few podcasts based on breaking news and not topics for discussion.

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