“5min” Service To Call A Taxi

Allows the passengers themselves to set a price for the trip, and drivers — provide services without commissions. Hello. My name is Alexander Osipov, Im 55 years old.

My partners name is Sergey Zakharov, he was 60 years. Do different types of business from 1989 to the present, but working on a startup for the first time. We have developed the service to call a taxi “5min”. The main feature — the passenger himself calls the price of the trip.

Takes as a basis the price recommended by the app, or sets the value at their discretion. The order I see drivers in the radius of 3-5 km and can agree to your price or offer (recommended price drivers, too, see). The passenger selects from the responding taxi drivers. The choice of a taxi can be executed at the price at the feed rate of the machine, class or gender and nationality of the driver, and your interaction with the chat application.

The passenger can choose the Executive car class, specify the presence of Luggage, an animal or a child seat. The app works on Android and iOS platforms in Russian and English and available to work in Kirov, the five small cities of the Kirov region, Syktyvkar and St. Petersburg. The system has 750 drivers and more than 9 million passengers.

To start monetization in Kirov want to connect around 20 million passengers and about a thousand drivers. This ticket is for drivers for one month will be 2.5 thousand rubles. In addition, season tickets will be available for three, five or ten trips at a special rate from 15 to 30 rubles. The Commission inquiry does not take.

Provide information services only and planned to take over this monthly fee. The app “5min” can work in large cities and in small towns, however, there may be difficulties due to the low quality of the Internet signal and the number of mobile devices. The application is planned to use not only in all regions of Russia and in the countries of the former USSR and in the world.

The driver of the taxi can be any car owner who downloaded the app to call a taxi “5min” and registered as a taxi driver. Now drivers download app very happy. Perhaps because there is no need to pay the Manager 10% to 25% of the order value, and nobody dictates the fare for the trip.

Often these factors cause dissatisfaction of taxi drivers. The app “5min” in Google Play and App Store. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup.

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