6 most influential business books of 2015 by both the Financial Times and McKinsey

The author (developer and entrepreneur) says that robots are becoming more and more advanced, which will soon be able to completely replace humans on some positions. But instead play the role of a modern Luddite and to warn readers about the dangers of a robot uprising, Ford talks about the development of artificial intelligence — from simple machines to thinking of programs that are able to act as workers, journalists and programmers. In 2009, Slater became the first female Director of the division of strategic planning of the U.S. state Department under the leadership of Hillary Clinton.

Two years later she left her post as feeling miserable at work is not allowed to spend enough time with the family. In 2012, Slater wrote an article “Why Women Still Cant Have It All”, which became one of the most widely read issue of The Atlantic for all time. Today, Slater is President of the analytical center New America, and her book is about how corporations and individuals can equalize men and women in professional terms. Richard Thaler is an economist, better known as the “father of behavioral Economics”.

In terms of traditional economy, the actions of people perceived to be rational. In reality, human behavior often depends on the prejudices and impulses, which have nothing to do with logic. Misbehaving is an introduction to behavioral Economics, is filled with colorful wit.

Last year, Newsweek magazine has alarmed the public by placing on the cover a story of a man who, it was alleged, was the inventor of bitcoins. It later emerged that the journal indicated that. New York Times reporter Popper also tried to find the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Digital Gold — this is the most complete guide to the history of cryptocurrencies from which it is clear that this concept had outgrown what can be called a simple hobby.

The story of how the industry digital music industry crushed CDs, irrelevant today, but Witt describes specific people that have accelerated the spread of piracy to earn on the death of physical media. The author tells the previously unknown story of German entrepreneurs who invented the mp3 files, and Della Glover, a worker at the factory about manufacturing CDs, distributing illegal some very important albums, forcing top managers music labels pour cold sweat. In 2008, the concept of BlackBerry was synonymous with “wall street”.

Everyone who moved in business circles, was such a phone. In the 2010s gained popularity smartphones based on iOS and Android, and BlackBerry, as a platform, has been virtually destroyed. By the end of last year the company had only 0.4% of the market. Reporters Globe and Mail, Jackie McNish and Sean Silcoff recorded the history of the BlackBerry manufacturer, Research in Motion, is how its creators managed to build an Empire, and then everything to lose.

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