6 Reasons To Move A Company In Dubai

Free economic zones of Dubai was established to facilitate investment. For example, the Dubai Internet City (DIC), where there are offices of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn was created with the purpose of building Dubais knowledge economy and today it is the ecosystem for technology companies. This area has modern offices, advanced it infrastructure, round the clock security, shops.

Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum in 2014 passed the “Law on the creative community in Dubai Emirate” which is the legal basis for two new projects. “Center of innovations” and “Creative community”. The law opens the door for innovative companies and provides them with the possibility of 100 percent foreign ownership, tax exemptions and other benefits. The main areas of the innovation Center in the research cluster “Internet city” has become technology, new media technology, intellectual education and science.

The innovation Center will employ about 15 thousand companies, including startups, small and medium enterprises, multinational corporations. The project “Creative community” are planning to place in a new design district Dubai Design District, which acts as an incubator for emerging designers and artists. Around the world cities turn into a intelligent ecosystem.

The leadership of Dubai to this question is approached systematically, determined to make the Emirate an integrated “smart” city. Automated collection and removal of garbage, intelligent traffic management, energy efficient buildings and the citys climate control — its all there in Dubai. For effective delivery of public services was launched two projects.

Smart Government and Smart City. Within the concept of “Smart city” in Dubai has sold 545 of the stated initiatives, one of them ─ more than 200 locations with free Wi-Fi. Dubai is the first city in the region, where there is a private innovation cluster. “Silicon oasis”, “City of health”, “Internet city”, “Mediasiti”, “Dubai international financial centre” and others.

In the “City of health” in the heart of the city are more than 4000 qualified professionals in two hospitals, over 120 outpatient clinics and diagnostic laboratories. Also in Dubai every year in November there is a week of innovation, in which last year hosted 800 events, including exhibitions, conferences and workshops, interactive programs and many events across the country. The income of Dubai from oil is not more than 5% of the total GDP.

Back in the mid 60-ies, when it was opened the oil, it became clear that it reserves the final. The countrys leadership has embarked on an active development of innovative economy that can provide the same high standard of living, as in “oil” period. Tourism now plays a key role in the successful existence of the Emirate. The income from tourism in Dubai account for 35-40% of GDP.

Tourism has become a catalyst for investment and construction of many urban objects, such as a new airport, metro, highways, projects in the field of entertainment and recreation. Dubai ranks as one of the safest cities in the world according to the classification of Interpol and provides residents a calm environment, both from the point of view of the lack of crime, and from the point of view of political stability. At the guests always have access to regular and emergency medical services in the hotels.

Why Dubai. Dubai is good because here, all the fees you pay for the year ahead, and the next year you can easily earn money, without thinking about any inspections. Second — there are all the law. If you are engaged in the production, it is difficult to overestimate the logistical capabilities of Dubai. In Dubai is the largest sea port of Jebel Ali, which allows you to send products to any country.

We can send the basic model of car the customer within 48 hours to any number. In other countries it is not so easy. I arrived in Dubai in 2006, and it took me about five years to learn the specifics of the country and its laws. In 2010, I quit my job and started my own business from scratch.

To put him on his feet, enough for two years. Today in my company of about 150 people. We produce 800 cars a year working in one shift or 60 per month. Soon going to bring production to full automation to produce 150 cars a month.

Why Dubai. First, Dubai is still tax-free. Mandatory contributions to the state do not depend on the speed of the. Secondly, Dubai for the last 20 years is known as a tourist center of the region, which is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. Therefore, based on the tourism business here is a good opportunities and prospects.

Thirdly, Dubai is a major transportation hub with direct flights from many cities. It is very convenient for business trips. Fourthly, the security. In comparison with most European, American or Asian countries and cities, everything is very good both from the point of view of personal safety, and security of business.

Negative side I would mention the high cost of renting commercial property, especially for retailers, which affects prices in stores, and fairly high tariffs for communication services, particularly on the Internet. Business history. I arrived in Dubai in 2000, to a new office metallurgical giant Arcelor Mittal, which opened in the largest free economic zone (FEZ) region.

This is another plus Dubai — SEZ virtually any business enquiries which are suitable for international business expansion and new, especially for startups. We actively go out from Dubai for the markets of the CIS — in Kazakhstan, for two years published a magazine for businessmen “Business Emirates”, is now looking for partners for similar projects in major cities of Russia. As you approach the EXPO 2020 in Dubai and the tourist flow and business activity will only increase.

Why Dubai. First and foremost, Dubai is a safe city, and the construction business is predictable. Since there are strictly enforced laws, are you sure that the business you select and you dont get robbed. Secondly, there are no taxes and you get a profit all the money. Here you can find useful and necessary connection with the lowest resistance coefficient.

Even the leaders of corporations are open for communication, there are no barriers to the establishment of contacts with the right people, knowledge and. Of the minuses I would note the preservation of the bureaucracy. There are steps in the discovery and development of the business that you need to pass necessarily, and this hinders the start, does not give as fast as possible to get the result. Since Dubai is constantly improving regulation, regulations change frequently — sometimes even experienced lawyers do not always have time to sort them out.

Business history. In Dubai I live 10 years, graduated from University, worked in a startup, consulting company. In a startup I gained experience in the construction business, work in a team. But I realized that grown and ready to start your own business.

I chose new for Dubai project — quests in reality. Its entertainment for people in a casual atmosphere built on the plots of books, movies, games. They are designed for all ages and are a mix of educational games, activities and entertainment with the ability to go beyond the ordinary. Opened in February 2016, are currently working and are looking for effective tools to promote.

So far, the most effective tools we believe word of mouth and social networks. Because our business is built on emotions, people are actively sharing their experiences on social networks, and it attracts new customers.

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