6 Start-up Parties For The Establishment Of Useful Contacts

A review from a journalist and PR specialist Maria Lobanova. Before we itemize a list for your networking activities, I would like to clarify that the main rule of getting useful contacts is not afraid to be the first to start a conversation. And with any participant without looking at the badge.

Quite often investors and prominent businessmen take off their badges to get rid of the annoying attention. Pioneers festival is the largest festival of startups in Vienna, Austria. Held at the Hofburg Palace in the centre of the city, this year will be held may 22-25. The festival will be attended by about 2,500 startups as well as large number of mentors and speakers such as Chris Barton (Shazam co-founder), Adam Cheyer (co-founder of the Siri, Viv Labs) and other.

You can go out for a smoke with eminent journalists from Forbes and Bloomberg and to find partners. This is best done at the afterparty of the festival, which this year takes place at the club Säulenhalle, Wednesday, may 25. Access to the club will be open to all participants.

Startup World Cup is a startup competition which is organized by the investment Fund from Fenox Venture Capital. Startups around the world have the opportunity to receive $ 1 million investment and at the same time capacity your idea the best investors. As jury for the final in San Francisco come to some of the most influential investors and technological entrepreneurs. Thus, among the judges this year was Steve Wozniak, guy Kawasaki, Alexis Ohanian, and others.

Imagine that they have the opportunity to socialize in a relaxed atmosphere over a glass of something strong at the end of the event. Or to learn from guys who just raised a million dollars investment.

Unfortunately, this year the networking vecerina already passed March 23 at Infusion Lounge. But since the event is annual, there is always another chance. And a ticket for the party can be purchased separately without participating in the main event. Bloomberg wrote about the Web Summit, what is Davos (world economic forum, which is held annually in the Swiss city of Davos vc.ru) for geeks, and as it is right.

If you do not know about this festival, you recently became interested in startups. At the Web Summit was made by Elon Musk, Travis Kalanick, Jack Dorsey, and even Bono. Thousands of startups each year doing their stands at the event, and if you do not meet with investors or customers, we acquire partners from other industries.

Every year for the participants, creates a true pub kroul on one of the streets of Lisbon. Its called Night Summit. A list of bars, where will the investors, speakers and startups, usually listed on a special page.

This year the event will be held from 6 to 9 November, and every day after 8 p.m. participants will have the opportunity to socialize over a bottle of beer. Russian Internet forum — probably the largest event in the sphere of startups and it industry in the country. The forum traditionally takes place in suburban boarding house “Lesnye Dali”.

Besides being able to pump the biggest, baddest speakers of the Runet, here you can find more than ten thousand adherents. And the format of the exit, of course, involves informal communication in the evenings around the campfire in one of the gazebos or in the legendary among the guests of the Reef bar “Pumbaa”.

Slush is an annual event in the exhibition centre of Helsinki, which is attended by over ten thousand people. The slogan of the conference says. “No one in their right mind would go to Helsinki in November. Okay, except these 17.5 thousand techies”. Also Slush already on a smaller scale are held in Tokyo and in Shanghai.

The after party starts in the pavilion at the end of the third day and continues in one of the most fashionable clubs of the capital of Finland, where we can get all members.

Last year the afterparty was held in the panoramic bar Maxine, where even the volunteers of the conference was the opportunity to interact with young entrepreneurs and investors. The biggest startup conference in the world, Tech Crunch Disrupt will be held this year in new York may 15-17. For just $1995 you can put your booth at the startup alley or become a member.

Tickets include access to the after party, which take place at the end of each day of the conference. By the way, students can purchase tickets for $300.

If you have limited funds, and to get to the coolest startup event you want, it is always possible to become a volunteer or a part of the team of organizers. This, incidentally, applies to other startup-togethers. It is useful to attend such events if you are not an investor and not a startup. More likely than not.

“I was one of a thousand volunteers for Slush, — says Alexander Kuzmenko, student Aalte Business School in Helsinki. €? Become a volunteer was not hard, the official website has a special form to apply. If youre a volunteer you can also walk around and make acquaintances, but it all depends on what your function.

For example, I worked at a coffee station where all the time was the queue and I did not have much time with someone to meet. And someone, for example, laid brand products and the rest of the time walking and NetWorker. I met already for the after party, which began in the pavilion.

Was a buffet, free booze, music. Then all went to the club. Strangely enough, the club went to most investors, not startups. In General, it was quite interesting and useful.

If you really try, you can join any start-up project. To invest in yourself, so to speak. So come here often volunteers guys from Petersburg”. Send columns, corresponding to the requirements of the editorial Board, [email protected]

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