6P Nexus, Chromecast, Audio and tablet Pixel C: Major announcements from the presentation, Google

Google unveils two new Nexus smartphone lineup. The first is Nexus 6P — developed by Huawei and available in three colors — black, silver and white. Diagonal of its screen is 5.7 inches, the display takes up 74% of the front of the phone. The new smartphone is equipped with a USB port and is expected to be charged two times faster than the previous smartphones of the company.

6P Nexus comes with the new OS from the Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The smartphone is also equipped with 12,3-megapixel camera and fingerprint sensor (its in your applications can use third-party developers). Great emphasis on the presentation was made on the camera of your smartphone. It is equipped with laser auto focus and can shoot in poor conditions.

The camera also supports shooting video in 4K resolution. Similar functionality has camera in Nexus 5X (its resolution is 12 megapixels). Nexus 5X was developed by company LG, which engaged in the production of one of the previous generations of Nexus — Nexus 5. The size of the screen diagonal — 5.2 inches.

The smartphone also features a USB port type C. Another innovation in both smartphones — Android Sensor Hub. It is a technology that tracks the position of the smartphone, without interrupting the Central processor smartphone.

Sales of new smartphones will start on September 29 in the US, UK, Ireland and Japan. The cost of Nexus will be from 6P $499, Nexus 5X — $379. By purchasing any of these smartphones, the user will receive a 90-day paid subscription to a music streaming service Google Play Music.

Android 6.0 is a new operating system, which was announced in may 2015. Visually, the new OS is virtually indistinguishable from Android 5 Lollipop. Among the innovations on which the companys representatives drew attention to the presentation — the ability to use voice search without unlocking the smartphone, the ability to delete pre-installed applications like any other software, search, the built-in applications menu (in some previous versions of the Android search bar is not displayed in the list).

With the new voice system users will be able to interact with the application only through voice commands. While thus working only One NPR program, but later all third-party developers will have the opportunity to use the system in their applications. The system is also capable of reducing the energy consumption third-party apps when the phone is in standby mode.

This will extend the operating time of the smartphone in standby mode by 30%. The new operating system will be available in early October. At the presentation it was announced a family plan for users of the streaming service Google Play Music.

One month of using the service will cost a family up to six people at $14,99. When such a rate will appear in the store, is not yet known. Google representatives suggesting that it will be submitted in autumn 2015.

Among the new features of Google photo service Photos is the opportunity to share albums with friends and family, creating links to view them. The author of the album can see who has viewed photos, information about it appears in the album. The receiver can “subscribe” to updates of the album and receive notifications of new photos or video.

New functionality will be available to users later Google Photos in 2015. Also, soon (in early October), the owners of Android smartphones will be able to “mark” people in my photos (the marks will be available only to those who have set them), and because of this to search by images. Another feature that drew the attention of representatives of the it giant at the presentation of — sync with Chromecast.

It will also be available in early October 2015. In the presentation, Google representatives of the company announced that Apple TV Chromecast will soon support a number of new applications. Among them is the official app of HBO, NBA, NHL and so on. The user can simultaneously watch the broadcast on your TV and use your smartphone for other purposes — for example, to view the results of the other matches.

The new Chromecast device has received a more modern design than the previous version. The HDMI cable that comes with the gadget can be mounted on the device so that it does not interfere with carry or store.

Another product line Chromecast submitted on 29 September to the Chromecast device Audio. With its help the user can transmit audio (music, podcasts, audiobooks) from your smartphone at a convenient playback device — for example, speakers.

The gadget works via Wi-Fi network. Playback can be controlled not only through Android smartphones but with the help of “smart” hours running on Android Wear. The device supports multicompression with a few gadgets Chromecast Audio. In addition, Chromecast Audio is integrated with Spotify — it means that you can control the music playback can any Spotify user (including, and owners of devices based on iOS) directly from the application streaming service.

The redesign got the app and Chromecast. On the start screen of the app shows the popular program from partners — Twitter, ESPN, Hulu and so on. The Chromecast app now supports the voice search. The user can say the name of the series, and the program will prompt him in any services available. As new set-top box from Apple (Apple TV), Chromecast supports gaming apps on the TV using the TV-tuner.

The gaming controller is the smartphone. Chromecast works with Android and iOS. Sales of new set-top box Chromecast is starting on 29 of September in 17 countries. The cost of the gadget will be $35. For the same price as of 29 September, the residents of 17 countries (which was not called) will be able to purchase Chromecast and Audio.

Pixel C — new device family Chromebook. It is a tablet with attached keyboard. “We hate to tablets buy third-party keyboards — they spoil the user experience,” said company representatives.

Diagonal screen size Pixel C is 10.2 inches. The keyboard attaches to the tablet using magnets, can be controlled using Bluetooth. The tablet is equipped with a port USB type-C and operated by the Android operating system. RAM — 3GB. The value of Pixel C will be $499, keyboard — $149.

In stores the device will appear in the end of 2015.

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