7 Design Services And Tools For Non-designers

Library of 20 thousand images for non-designers”. With service it is possible to assemble a collection of illustrations, icons, patterns that will match the color palette of the site.

The tool for collection of fonts for the website. Type Anything allows you to select the font family, set line spacing, paragraph spacing, etc. The service automatically generates CSS code to use on the website. A library of free photos to use in the project.

According to the Product Hunt team, Pexels 2.0 is the best alternative to pay Getty Images and Shutterstock. The tool allows you to convert any web page to airfram. The created layout can be imported to Illustrator, Balsamiq and OmniGraffle.

Tool to create images for blog, social media or presentations. Stencil allows you to quickly add photos, text, icon, or logo, pick a color. Service for text generation for dummies. User should enter the number of words and the site will create a linked “fish” text, which can be used in the project.

F.lux adjusts the color temperature of the monitor in accordance with the users location and time of day. According to developers, this mode of operation screens healthier. For example, according to studies, the exclusion of blue and green from the spectrum of colors emitted by the display, helps the body better adapt to sleep.

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