7 Steps To Build A Promotion Strategy Of The Product €? The Management Team Of The Advertising Agency SmartMedia

Team of advertising Agency SmartMedia prepared for vc.ru a practical guide to creating a promotion strategy for marketers and entrepreneurs. The authors described how to increase the coverage of their advertising campaigns on the Internet. As a rule, the main task of the communications Agency — increase sales, customer. No matter what influence sales not only advertising and SMM, but also the alignment of business processes, pricing, display, packaging and many other things. Important sale.

And promotion strategy takes into account this factor. Communication strategy is a road map for marketer on the way to the interaction with the target groups. Daily developing digital strategies for different clients, we have created our own methodology, which he called “semantic test tube”.

To create a strategy for this procedure, you need to understand the purpose of communication, to determine what, how and when to speak to target users, where to look and how to measure. Select communication goals.

The main task for the client. The growth of sales tools 11% for the six months compared to the same period last year (February-July 2016). Communication goals.

Communication tasks. So, the goals are set. Now select performance indicators that evaluate the achievement of the objectives. It is important.

Indicators choose such as to adjust an advertising campaign in the process. In this step, you need to understand what to follow and what is in any case impossible to forget. For your purposes, select the following KPIs. In this step, you determine how you will measure the set KPIs, how will you know that the task is done.

For use with external equipment there are two ways. The first is to get information from the platform. In some cases the only option, but here we are faced immediately with two problems. First, data may be provided incorrect, as not all sites provided protection from bots.

Secondly, as a rule, the data provided within the agreed time, while we often need results online. For example, if we placed a banner on different sites, then tracking the results will help to optimize the number of impressions is to understand whether we need to increase or decrease the budget for specific sites. It is important to collect data, so we suggest to go another way and try to negotiate with the site and post content through an external system, such as, or AdRiver AdFox.

Lets look at the example AdRiver. Here is a consolidated post-click-report on the campaign. You can also see these data in the context of each instrument in real-time. On the page with your content (banner, video, article) is a script that collects information.

Besides the above metrics, the report also shows how many users have viewed more than two pages, and many of them returned to the site after I closed the page. To analyze the information on your website after the transition standard is used by Google Analytics and “Yandex.Metric”. For our purposes, keep track of who and what the page went, and how long did there and how many pages visited. Theres also watching the amount returned to the site and the number of those who left the site in the first 15 seconds.

Set UTM-tags track the source of traffic. Dont forget to create a unified corporate standard for labels that the data come in the same form. Often, a standard data is not sufficient, so you need to add additional codes to track events. An event can be anything you want to track.

In our case, these users stayed on the website longer than 30 seconds, scroll down the page to the end, the number of clicks on the page “where to buy” or go to the basket. To not have every time to pull the developer and change the code, you can put the code in Google Tag Manager and configure events yourself in the tool interface.

. KPI project. The main rule of digital marketing — segmentation, segmentation and segmentation.

Divide the audience according to the interest of users to the issues associated with the promoted product, based on online behavior. In our case, the segmentation would look like this. At this stage you need to identify key tasks for each selected segment. Then highlight the insights, barriers and drivers for each target group.

. For example, a user who is interested in competition, you need to switch to your product. As. Show more best quality of product in comparison with competitors.

For those interested in price and points of sale, you need to choose the most convenient pharmacy with low price or offer with additional services to deliver the goods in a drugstore of choice. Now its time to determine the tools that will be able to convey the message as efficiently as possible. It is important to divide them into two types. The primary tools for communication are selected, which usually inhabits the target audience.

Somewhere it is more efficient contextual advertising, where-targeting in Instagram, but somewhere the right mix of these two or other channels. It is here that we need a tracking of creative in real time to rapidly identify the most effective solution. Then we mark the users that managed to find.

Retargeting mechanisms exist in almost all digital channels. It is important to remember that to put a label should be on all users — including those who went on your articles posted on external resources. This can be done through the already familiar to us AdRiver. Further, the list of tools depends on the degree of involvement of the user and places in the Internet where we caught him.

Scenario retargeting works in the following way. On the basis of information about the target audience and the retargeting script can we choose the following set of tools. Depending on the purpose and budget, choose the most interesting options.

Next, we develop variants of the sequence of creatives and articles or pages, which are “lands” and assess KPI. For cold audience it will look something like this. For warm so.

How to optimally configure these tools. For search engine optimization (SEO plus contextual ads), we develop a semantic core and divide it into groups according to classroom queries. For example, requests for the band “the cure for the SSG” are the following.

“eye drops”, “fatigue at work”, “eye drops can drip lens”, “vitamin drops eye fatigue”, “eye drops redness and dry eye”, “eye drops moisturizing eye”, “eye drops relieves irritation”, “drops for eyes from computer fatigue” and so on. For all types of media advertising we suggest to determine the content that will be of interest to users. View top 10 search results for each query, the desired segment and will receive a set of pages. For this task we have our own tool, but it can be done manually.

. How you can use the list of the most visited pages of the required subject (top 10). Now we have to reduce the indicators in the table. Since the KPIs were divided into segments and tools to perform estimates easily.

As a result, we collect all the figures in the two tables of the project. For our sample table will look like this for each target group. To get the overall project KPIs, fold the parameters of each group. To fill in the second table need the access counter of the clients site and the experience of previous projects.

Consolidated figures were as follows. Wordstat Yandex also did not disappoint. Now its time to look at the result.

Try to answer the following questions. Whether you use these or other tools, optimally spent budgets, is it possible to improve KPI. In this phase, possible and often desirable iteration of the redistribution of budgets between the instruments and user segments. Here it is — the long awaited optimization.

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