8 Alternative Keyboards For The IPhone — A Selection Of Product Hunt

Keyboard with built-in Google search, support for GIF, emoji and typing with the help of “swipe”. Allows you to search for restaurants, institutions, addresses, etc without switching to other apps. Keyboard that suggests synonyms for words, and thus can form of the phrases rhyme — so that the message will be like the poem.

App with integrated search — contacts, gifs, tweets, e-mails, music, Youtube, stickers and other things. To open the context menu the user needs to add a backslash to a string of typing — the keyboard will prompt the service to find the required information. Next Keyboard offers multiple themes, intuitive prompt phrases when typing text, and stickers.

The keyboard supports only English language. Application from Microsoft for “ergonomic” typing. Offers the user suggestions while typing, the built-in search by images, gifs, and customize the appearance of the keyboard. Team Product Hunt describes as SwiftKey keyboard, in which the auto actually works”.

The application takes into account the writing style of the user texts to build suggestions while typing messages. In addition, SwiftKey allows you to type in two languages, switching between them using a swipe across the spacebar. Wonder keyboard Keyboard offers hints when typing so that it was similar to the style of one person. Aristocrat, cowboy, glamour girl.

Keyboard to search for GIF images. The user can use various commands. For example, #echo transformerait text in GIF #sticker offers a random picture, #weather tells weather.

In addition, the keyboard allows you to create gifs while typing.

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