8 billionaires who managed to save failed companies and turn them into the Empire

According to Euromonitor International, Haier is the sixth year in a row heads the rating of manufacturers of large household appliances and the companys share in its global retail sales exceeded 10 %. Its name Haier received the thanks transcription of the last syllable of the name of the German partner company (herr – hai-er 海爾). The company was founded in 1984, but its story began even earlier, in 1920.

At that time, the company Haier was the newly-built “refrigerator Factory Qingdao”. In 1949 in China was established peoples Republic of China, and the factory was nationalized. By 1980, the plant has come up with low quality products and large debts. At the same time, China opened to the world market, and foreign investors came to the country in search of partners.

The refrigerator plant was zainteresovalas company Liebherr, which suggested the administration Qingdao to provide equipment. One of the conditions of cooperation with the German company was to improve the quality of our products. Then in 1984, the Qingdao government appointed Executive Director of the company Zhang Guymine, a young servant of the city administration.

Becoming head of the company, Ruimin quickly realized that product quality is much inferior to large global companies. Haier is known in this corporate legend. One unhappy customer returned defective in Haier fridge. Ruimin decided to personally look for a replacement and found a high percentage of defective goods in the warehouse.

Then he gave the workers on the sledgehammer and told to break all non-working refrigerators. The workers were confused, because the cost of the fridge was higher than their annual salary. However, Ruimin called upon to fulfill the request. After all, according to him, if Haier will continue to supply low-quality equipment, it does not become competitive on the world market.

Refrigerators were destroyed, and the company began new product development phase. Already in 1986 the company was transformed from an unprofitable to a profitable and expanded the range of products, and in early 1990 was released to the world market. Today, Zhang Ruimin is the owner of a rank “the Most influential person of China-2009” by BusinessWeek, and Fortune in 2014, noted it among the worlds top 50 leaders.

Under his leadership, Haier has developed into a company with a strong corporate culture, whose sales exceed $30 billion. Isaac Perlmutter was born in Israel and emigrated to the United States during military service in 1967 with 250 dollars in his pocket. The first time he made that stood at the exit of a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn, and offered to conduct a ritual ceremony.

However, calling Perlmutter found in the entertainment industry. His way the billionaire began, became a salesman of toys and cosmetics on the streets of new York. Perlmutter didnt go to University, however, sold so well that soon he founded his first company Odd Lot Trading, which later sold the drugstore company Revco for $120 million.

The next major project was the purchase of the companys toys Coleco, which filed for bankruptcy in 1988. Subsequently, Coleco would be sold to Hasbro for $85 million. In 1993, Perlmutter became a member of the Board of Directors of Marvel. He comes to the company in hard times.

From the best running authors — Todd McFarlane (“Spiderman”), Jim Lee (“X-Men”), Marc Silvestri (Wolverine), Jim Valentino (Guardians of the Galaxy), and the company produces a series of crossovers that make the chaos into a cohesive Marvel universe. Sales are down, and the organization declares bankruptcy. To exit bankruptcy, merge ToyBiz and Marvel, and the new company acquired the name Marvel Enterprises. After a series of reorganizati and heavy lawsuits Marvel Enterprises produces several new comics, and in 2005 acquired a new name Marvel Entertainment.

Isaac Perlmutter becomes Executive Director. In 2009, the company acquired The Walt Disney Company for $4 billion, and Perlmutter is retiring. Colleagues Perlmutter noted that he was an eccentric leader who did not communicate with the press and concealed personal life.

The only picture available to the press, made in 1985. 1984, Steve jobs still working at Apple, and George Lucas is in divorce proceedings and is the head of The Graphics Group — these two names are not related.

According to the laws of the state of California, property acquired by spouses during marriage must be divided equally. Following the laws of the state, in 1986, Lucas decides to sell The Graphics Group of computer division of Lucasfilm that would become Pixar company. Lucas sets the price at $30 million, but potential buyers, the price seems too high. Even while working jobs met with the head of The Graphics Group ed Catalla and is overjoyed by what he saw at the Studio.

In 1986, upon learning of the sale of The Graphics Group, jobs offers Lucas $10 million for the company, and the latter agrees for lack of other suggestions. Initially, the jobs at Pixar relies on the production of computers. The company has released a Pixar Image Computer is a powerful and expensive and difficult to manage computer. Despite all the efforts of sales managers, product has found acceptance among users.

The situation was saved by John Lasseter — talented animator and Director. He took one of the first animated films with Pixar — Luxo Jr., — designed to demonstrate the capabilities of animated cartoons. The work of Lasseter proved successful, and Luxo Jr. was the first animated film nominated for Oscar.

Another animated film, “Tin toy” became the first Oscar-winning Pixar film. “Tin toy” has attracted the attention of Disney, where jobs was forced to sign the contract on creation of “toy Story” — first feature film. The conditions were unfavorable, but Pixar was on the verge of bankruptcy, and jobs had to agree.

“The film received positive reviews from critics, and jobs decided on a risky move. Made a public offer of shares. Pixar has gained financial independence and subsequently the company equally financed joint projects and equally shared the profit,” writes Walter Isaacson in his book “Steve jobs”. In subsequent years, Pixar only asserted its position in the animation market.

Under the leadership of Steve jobs had released the cartoon “finding Nemo”, “adventure flick”, “monsters Inc.”. In 2006, jobs sold Pixar to Disney for $7.6 billion, while becoming the largest shareholder among individuals, receiving 7% of the shares. Childhood Ted Turner was complicated.

From childhood he worked 40 hours a week, and for bad behavior was beaten. However, as he admitted later, the lessons of the father were the most important in his life. Father Ted had his own small advertising Agency, Turner Outdoor Advertising, which became my first job Ted. By 1962, it became unprofitable and went deep into debt.

Father Ted didnt know how to resolve the situation, but because he sold the company and has committed suicide. This event has become one of the most important events in the life of Ted. He was stunned by the fact that his father sold Turner Outdoor Advertising, however, Turner found an opportunity and returned to the family business.

In 1969, Turner bought the bankrupt television station WJRJ and renamed it WTCG (“Watch This Channel Grow”). The first thing Turner has changed the time of the news outlets that highlighted WTCG among other TV channels. In 1976 Federal service connection, the US has allowed WTCG to use a satellite to broadcast. The channel began to broadcast baseball games, old movies and cartoons, and the audience grew to 2 million people.

In 1978, Turner struck a deal with the student radio mit TBS (Technology Broadcasting System) for the right to use the name WTBS. So WTCG (Turner Communications Group) changed its name to WTBS (Turner Broadcasting System). Turner is a big fan of sailing and is the owner of the Americas Cup.

During the race in 1979 the regatta was overtaken by the strongest storm, and Ted was the only one who has not lowered the sail. Then he said his famous phrase. “On my boat there are many flags, but none of the white”. In that race killed 15 yachtsmen, and Turner led his team to victory.

In 1980, CNN entrepreneur has launched an innovative news channel, working around the clock. In the announcement of the exit channel Turner said. “Our channel will be shown before the end of the world”. In addition, Turner prepared a video, which is marked “HFR (hold for release) until the end of the world is confirmed”.

The band in the video plays the tune of “Nearer My God to Thee” (the hymn “Nearer my God to thee”, sounded in the movie “Titanic”). Video is stored in the CNN archives under the name “Turner Doomsday Video”. Now Turner has departed from the news business. It manages its restaurants and devotes much time to charity.

The history of Blizzard Entertainment began in 1991. Three graduates of the University of California founded the company Silicon & Synapse. The history of Blizzard called typical story of a computer company.

One of the first games developed by Silicon & Synapse, was The Lost Vikings. The sense of game consisted in the following. The player was required to lead the Vikings, which kidnapped by the evil ruler of the galactic Empire, to the exit. If you killed at least one character, the game had to start over. The novelty of the game was the fact that every Viking had personal characteristics, and pass the level only if there is a strategy that takes into account the abilities of each character.

Another successful game was Rocknroll Racing. This game is arcade racing with the possibility of playing one or two players. In the race involved four riders, one or two users can manage, the rest of the program. The goal is to come to the finish line first, earning as much money as possible.

Players can arrange the obstacles, blow up the car of the contender, to find medical kits and money at the track. Despite a successful game, Silicon & Synapse are faced with insufficient funds and was purchased by Davidson & Asscociates for $10 million. Money for the founders were a real salvation. It was decided to change the name to Blizzard Entertainment, and in 1994 came the first game company Warcraft.

Orcs & Humans, which quickly became a bestseller. In the following years the company rapidly conquered the market of games. In 1996, Blizzard bought Condor Games Studio and renamed it Blizzard North. Under the new name Studio produces the Diablo series of games.

Blizzard Entertainment, the owners changed several times and, finally, in 2013, Activision Blizzard (the holding company that owns Blizzard Entertainment) buys Vivendi (owner of Blizzard last) controlling stake and became an independent company. Despite the dissatisfaction of users long making games, every time the company produces high quality products that given due attention as gangitano and humor.

One of the developments of World of Warcraft is listed in the Guinness book of records as the most popular MMORPG in the world, and the number of registrations in the game more than 100 million. Oscar Troplowitz — comes from a Jewish family. At the urging of father Troplowitz goes to study in the University, where he received his medical education. Working with an assistant pharmacist, he buys in 1890 a small factory at Paul Beiersdorf, which manufactures medications for skin.

The success of the company Beiersdorf comes with opening Marita. It is a special substance extracted from the wool of sheep that affects sposobnostyam to retain moisture, and glorified cream Nivea. Immediately after the opening of the emulsion team of pharmacists in the composition of the discoverer auracite Isaac Lifshitsa, Oskar Troplowitz and dermatologist Paul unna started developing cream.

And in 1911, the market has a cream for long-lasting hydration of the skin, called Nivea. Name of cream comes from the Latin words open, niveo — “snow”, “snow-white”. Just three years later, after the cream about half of manufactured products were exported to foreign countries. In addition, the Oscar Troplowitz among the first to realize the need for customer-oriented advertising.

For example, in countries with cold climate emphasis on the ability of the cream to protect the skin from wind and cold. Gradually, the assortment was expanded. Appeared shampoos, styling products, plasters, soap and powder.

At the moment there is a further extension of the range of products. From shower gels to dezodorantas. The number of employees working in the company for 2014 exceeded 17 thousand people. By some estimates, over 90 years the company produced more than 11 billion bottles of cream, which would be enough to encircle the globe more than 20 times.

Columbia Sportswear company is one of the leaders of sportswear in America and the world. The company history began in the thirties of the 20th century. In these years the companys founders fleeing from the Nazi regime in Germany, leaving the business and savings.

Family Lamfrom arrives in Portland to visit relatives and buys a hat company, which is called the Columbia Hat Company after the river that flows near their place of residence. Hats produced by the company, no demand for low quality, and then Paul decides to throw efforts on the production of clothes, what was he doing in Germany. Lamproom daughter, Gertrude, married, become a housewife and spend time sewing.

Once she creates an unusual fishing jacket with many pockets, which brings some success company Columbia. In 1970 Paul Lamfrom died, and the companys management passed to his daughter. Without management experience Gertrude was difficult to cope with, which caused the uprising of the trade unions and the enormous debts of the company. Fortunately, by this time Gertrude grew up the son of Tim, who turned out to be a more successful leader.

Also changed fashion and sportswear became popular. These factors saved the company Columbia. First, the brand was popular only among fishermen, and then people began to get her clothes and for everyday wear. In the 80 years comes the Bugaboo parka, which ensures the popularity of the company through reliable zipper and removable lining.

At the helm of the company, Tim Boyle quickly realized the necessity of good marketing — on the order of the Agency Borders, Perrin &Norrander removed the ads, thanks to which Gertrude has the nickname “mother Boyle”. In 1994, Columbia became one of the sponsors of the Olympiad, which brings the companys global fame. At the moment the products are sold in 100 countries, and the bidding is closed at the level of $ 46 per share.

The merit of the success of the Heineken brand owned by three generations of the Heineken family, however, history began in 1864 with Gerard. While in Holland the middle class drank ale, as almost all of the beer was of poor quality.

The Heineken family was quite wealthy, and Gerard Heineken convinced his mother to buy him a brewery. His mother bought him the largest brewer in the country, but it wasnt enough. The young man understood that for beer was a success, you need to change the technology of production. Gerard chose to use in its production technology the Bavarian bottom-fermentation is a traditional Dutch technology top fermentation.

The new beer was more bright and clean and have gained popularity. It was called “beer of the gentleman”, contrasting “Elya desktop”. Heiniken luck and the Franco-Prussian war deprives its main competitor.

In 1873, he creates company Heinekens Bierbrouwerij Maatschappij N. V., which was intended to unite all the brewery Gerard. In 1889, Heineken received the diploma of Grand Prix at the Exposition Universelle in France. To emphasize respect for tradition, the company put the name of the prize on the label of bottled beer.

The successor of Gerard, Henry and Alfred worthily carried on the family business. The company survived world wars and strengthened its position in the global market. Now Heineken is the third brewery by sales volume in the world, which employs 55 thousand employees.

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