8 Services For Procrastinatory Collection Product Hunt

The service redirects the user to a website from a directory with any useful, according to the authors of the project, functionality — for example, the speed test of Wi-Fi at the hotel, the comparison of the two dishes and so on. You can also subscribe to weekly updates about new sites added to the directory. Each time you visit the site, the service generates advice for a startup. Each phrase contains the word fuck and its variations. For example, Dont fuck with your investors (dont try to deceive investors).

Command Ok Product Hunt describes the Cookie as the website “funny predictions that are always inappropriate”. For $10, the user can order the delivery box with 15 cookies with the predictions. Users simply enter one word, to service generates a set of meaningless puns with him. The website offers various options of what you can do.

For example, offers to become an artist. The user can choose from two options. To accept the offer, then the service will show a short info about what you need to do to achieve the goal, or decline — then the website will offer other options. A collection of videos, which recorded the work of designers. You can sort the entries by the applications that use the designers, or the work they do.

For example, the creation of an image in Photoshop or effect in Final Cut. Chrome extension that allows you to find movies in hundreds of categories at Netflix. The website allows you to turn any text in the splash screen from the opening credits of the film Star Wars.

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