9 Noteworthy Concept Cars Of 2017

The journalists of Business Insider. At CES 2017, the company Fiat Chrysler unveiled a concept electric car for Millennials.

On a single charge the car can travel more than 400 km. At quick-charging station concept can recover 50% of energy in 20 minutes. The car is equipped with lidar sensors and sensors that support unmanned drive mode — but only in the markup and road infrastructure.

Another concept presented at the exhibition CES — Rinspeed Oasis with built-in garden at the salon. The garden is located under the windshield of the car. Engineers assume that it will generate fresh air in the car.

Oasis has a large display Harman and interface, which can be controlled by voice and gestures. The engineers suggest that the car will use to ridesharing. Together with the machine they submitted an application for selection of fellow. Honda NeuV — self-driving electric car, which, according to engineers, can “read human emotions,” and adjust on the basis of this management style.

The company did not disclose technical details of the concept. In 2017, Volkswagen introduced a high-tech version of its classic minibus, which was popular in the 1960-ies.

The car can travel on one battery charge more than 430 km. A van equipped with lidar sensors, ultrasonic sensors, which support a fully Autonomous driving mode. The concept of the Japanese automaker is equipped with a personal assistant to Yui, who can hold a conversation with the driver, to run his errands and to drive.

In the cabin Toyota no screens — only projection display. BMW engineers have focused their attention on how to change the cars interior after it becomes Autonomous. For example, they had bookshelves and a large TV in the car.

Nissan showed a concept car VMotion at the auto show in Detroit. The car is equipped with Autonomous control system on the motorways.

In the cabin of the concept Citroen C-Aircross uses a color projection display instead of the dashboard. Instead of side mirrors are cameras. The concept of SUV Volkswagen includes a cargo container on the roof which can change its volume depending on the needs of the driver.

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