9 Tips To Increase Productivity When Working In Slack

Service command to automate Zapier has published in his blog tips for improving productivity in the team Slack messenger. Edition vc.ru chose the most noteworthy recommendations. After a long absence in Slack can accumulate a lot of unread messages.

To view each channel separately, Zapier recommends the use of “smart” sorting of unread messages in the All Unreads. In this mode, Slack will display messages according to their importance — first those that requires a quick response, then all the rest. Another way to quickly assess the situation after a long absence — just go to the center references.

It groups together all messages that contains the user name. Slack allows you to work with messages without using a cursor — as noted by the Zapier team, knowledge of the basic combination significantly increases the speed of the application. Slack has a built in analogue Spotlight — quick search line macOS.

It is invoked via Cmd + T (Ctrl + T). As noted by the Zapier team, this is the most convenient way to switch between conversations without using a cursor. “You do not need to spend all day switching between Slack and other programs due to the fact that its icon is always on the icon of unread messages. It makes you think that you missed something”.

In addition, large teams with bots and other automatic notifications, this icon will be displayed constantly, so Zapier recommends to turn it off in settings.

In this mode, the icon will appear Slack only notifications for private messages and mentions. However, their number can be extended in keywords of titles of projects in which the user. Thus, the author does not miss important discussions. If the message requires immediate response, it is better to answer later so as not to distract from the main task.

For this Slack provides two tools. “Remind me later” and “add to favorites”. In the first case, the messenger will recall the message after a certain period of time. The second will be saved as a separate menu in the sidebar.

You can also configure the plugin to also be messages immediately got into task-managers — for example in Trello, Todoist or Omnifocus. Another way to highlight important messages — add some rarely used emoji symbols. The user may at any time to find all flagged messages using emoji in the search query.

Constant notifications from Slack often distract from the basic work. The closing of the Slack on the computer leads to the fact that notifications are starting to come to the phone. Zapier therefore recommends to use the “do Not disturb” when performing important tasks.

In addition, using a timer to limit the duration of the “being offline”. A large number of channels and conversations in the sidebar bothers to focus at work. “The conversations list with the names of the projects causes the brain to remember the tasks associated with them”. Therefore, staff recommend Zapier to display in Slack, only the list of chats marked with a star, and unread conversations, hiding all the rest of the conversation.

To remain a member of the conversation, but not get notifications about unread messages, you can use the “Mute”. In this case, the channel is not highlighted in the conversation list and to distract the users attention — even if in the chat you mention. The Zapier team uses composite names for channels in order to structure the dialogue.

For example, all the notifications get in the dialogues, which begin with “#feed”, and the discussions on the draft United in the channels named “#name”.

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