A Case From Russia: “Rain” Showed How The Lies Washed Out Of The Billboard And Gave A 50% Discount During Precipitation

Stream the clock goes on the newspapers website — in the right part of the page preview shows the degree of getting rid of the letters. During “Rain” the subscription price for new users is reduced by 50%. The campaign was promoted in the media and social networks via bloggers and leading. Edition vc.ru learned about the idea project from crediting Director “Rising” Andrey Gubaidulina, realize the campaign.

We came up with and presented the project in early summer, but slightly delayed the implementation of. “Rain” today is the most honest channel. He fights with lies, breaks through it, “washes” her. Here and insight, and the idea.

Well, some of the second sense. Figuratively, we said just over a month of watching the “Rain” wash off the lies that you have seen or heard. According to Gubaidulina, in an average minute of rain on the edition is signed by 13-15 people.

Rain has been used before in outdoor advertising campaigns. In 2005, Playboy installed a Billboard with a womans Breasts in white tank top. On the shield was written. “Guys, pray for rain”. After precipitation became visible nipples.

In 2012, Max Factor has shown the difference between “regular” mascara and their product: “If we have proof and we see that this is very similar to our idea, then admit it (as it was printed for Ural Custom Brewery), says Gubaidullin.

But in this case, similar mechanics — washed mascara from the eyes of a girl.”.

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