A Case Study On Email Marketing: 200 Sales Of 3.2 Million Rubles For The Nine Days

Formula product launch with email strategy, from managing partner at school of managers “Stratoplan” Alexander Orlov. Project in the field of online education provides an opportunity to test and find the best marketing tools. Share one of our favorite case studies on email marketing. “Email marketing seriously. Inbox clogged with attempts to sell something in which there is little benefit for a lot of money.

Yes, everything is clear. Were writing often, push a little more, I look — something perepadet. And in General, for a good product marketing is not needed”. There is a truth — the product must be good. But its effect and the number of attracted clients can greatly enhance the proper operation of email marketing.

The approach to “push it harder, while your nails will buy it”, unfortunately (or fortunately) not working. This requires a different. In it for each run write the script of pages to 50, 15 to 20 letters has its own logic, not read outside. And third person is not always able to link the iPad to draw a “silly” competition to launch the product on a completely different topic after a month. However, the logic in this.

Lets try to find her. For example, lets consider the launch of the program “the Formula of working with people”. At that moment we had the subscription base of 28 thousand (open rate around 20%), but it seemed everyone something we buy it already made. Expectations regarding the launch of a new course was foggy.

And then to help suddenly came a colleague from abroad. Internet entrepreneur Jeff Walker with his “product launch Formula”. Of course we took the basic logic, came up with the script, wrote 18 letters, a bit involved on our blog “Habrahabr” and for nine days got 200 sales of 3.2 million rubles. 75% of people paid for themselves, 25% sent by our corporate clients. First, we, of course, ordered a portrait of the clients and what kind of transformation will occur in their lives after you purchase our product.

This is not much help in something specific, how many configured in the right mood when writing the letter touches on all phases of startup. By itself, the run consisted of three parts: Purpose prepred-startup: First, we decided to do an interview with one of us by Glory Pankratov, — on the third anniversary of the release of his “Black books Manager”. This obscene-motivational edition since the release has become our most popular free product.

We thought, why not. At the same time we published an interview and “Habrahabr”. Im sure few people to hear there about the book, but the interview was long, interesting and sometimes controversial. In the end, the material garnered a rating of +20 and 35 thousand views. Somewhere in the middle of Glory briefly mentioned that we are now preparing a new product.

This is important, says Walker, to give people hints on stage prepreg-run. Then we decided to have a contest. Such activities are we never satisfied, so without thinking twice borrowed the idea from the same Walker. Did the competition “Think up the motto “Stratoplane””. The message was simple.

“School of managers “Stratoplan” is now five years. A motto we have no. Somehow it is not serious, we thought. Got to come up with a motto, anything good did not occur. It became clear that need help the hall.

And we decided to organize a little contest..”. Reluctantly and strangled a toad, a prize decided to appoint the iPad Air. Turned out three letters: We received around 900 responses. A couple of people above us was playing a joke, but others are sincerely trying to help by sending kind words to say about our school.

Apparently, the previous five years we spent not in vain. Walker cynically noticed that when people try to think about something good, then mentally they speak and convince yourself that you really are. As the last stage prepreg-launch we conducted a poll of the audience by “Two issues”. The user goes to a page with a survey, where they expect three paragraphs about a new product and only one question. “Please tell me the answers to what two questions should definitely be in our class?”.

After completing and clicking the button “Send” the user got to the next page where it was written. “Thank you, you helped us get this far. If you want to be the first to know about product, please enter your email”. After collecting an early list of clients (there were about 120 people), the user goes to the last page — “Collector comments”. There was a text like this.

“Thank you, we will inform you first about the new product. But since its new, it no opinions. However, you have been signed and we could assess our materials. If you dont mind, I can write about them a few good words. Here are a few examples of how this can be done.

So we gathered positive reviews about our past material, which are then used in the announcement. The response to the survey was very lively. We received about 700 responses, which had to be taken apart personally.

This allowed: Typically, the product solves some complex problem, which consists of a mass of private problems. In our case, the course was to teach managers to work with people. It is a complex skill that consists of. Ability to interview, ability to clarify the condition of the people, the skill of determining the psycho man, the skill of conflict resolution, and so on.

Every touch of preziuso is constructed as follows. “Today I would like to talk about problem X. Heres how to solve it. <quick, intuitive and useful solution to the problem>. However, X is not the only problem in <area specific>.

So next time we will talk about how to solve the problem Y”. Problem → The Solution → The Intrigue. At the end of the third contact is intrigue announcing the product launch “next week”. Window sales Walker recommended to open only on weekdays between Monday and Friday. We set ourselves four days from Tuesday to Friday.

The plan was as follows: Monday, 8:00 — announcement for the early list. Tuesday, 6:00 — instruction for the entire subscription database. “Two hours later, register in <..>. Heres what you need to do.

<..>”. The month we spent in preparation (the hype, the competition, a survey, a stage preziuso). And here it is Tuesday — the opening day of sales. When the end of the first day (of four) we only had two clients, I almost went crazy. I was tearing my hair remains and cursed Walker.

Hell, its pretty annoying to work month and get two sales. On the second day happened nine sales. The third day brought 41 sale. Fourth — 83. Corporate clients also went from the second day.

We had a similar chain run more than 20 times. Always more than 50% of sales happen on the last day. That is the feature. The main thing — do not turn gray in the early days. This algorithm always works out well if you do need the product and everything come with the mind:

Download the texts of the letters start with all links on the page here. Send a private cases, in which you managed to improve (or, conversely, worsen) the performance of the project, [email protected] Interesting experiments are sure to get the heading “Cases”.

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