“A Device Unlike Any Other”: A Service For Sending Postcards Released Is In The Style Of Presentations Of Technological Innovations

The video presents “a device unlike any other” (Device Like No Other). According to the presentation, he has a “gorgeous display” and “unlimited power”.This device greeting card. The authors of the movie apologized for the lack of a headphone Jack, alluding to the presentation of the iPhone 7 without audio Jack. When the VoiceOver talks about the characteristics of the cards, in the beginning of the video can not see the product entirely — the creators showed a closeup of his black face. Offerman said that in his family share ecards to celebrate the important moments.

According to marketing Director of American Greetings Alex Ho, in the era of instant messaging people looking for a more meaningful way to communicate. He argues that this is especially true of communication with loved ones. Presentation of a paper greeting card at CES 2017 emphasizes the coexistence of analog and digital devices, explained Ho. Edition Adweek noted that the video American Greetings is like a IKEA catalog, which the company released in 2014. In her presentation of the magazine copies the style of Apple commercials on a white background, in which jony Ive told us about the benefits of the devices.

In the IKEA video, the narrator explains how to use the catalog, what his dimensions are and how to protect log from theft.

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