A failed advertising campaign, Cadillac, Ford, PepsiCo and other major brands

Especially for Halloween in 2014, the network of fast food restaurants has released a promotional video in which convinces the audience that they still have to keep yourself in shape, despite the end of the summer season, to get into the festive costumes. Heroine video demonstrates a few clothing options, which is characteristic for Halloween — “the bold teacher”, “cute nurse”, “hot devils” and Princess of the Vikings. After you start advertising newspaper Time Today and called it sexist, sparked active discussion of video in the network, forcing the company to remove the video from YouTube and to stop the campaign.

In the spring of 2014 Ensurance insurance company had to withdraw its advertising from billboards in the U.S. due to incorrectly sized fonts and spacing between letters in the slogan. “Cover your home in a click” from afar read “Cover your home in a dick”.

During the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, which in the U.S. was broadcast on NBC, Cadillac started advertising on television with American actor Neil Maldonato praising American values — hard work and a life of luxury. In contrast, he mentions other countries, representatives of which, according to him, the Americans are crazy and prefer the regularity and proper rest in August. The movie was received with mixed opinions in the society, but some publications have openly expressed their negative attitude to such a description of the American dream. For example, The Huffington Post called the video a nightmare.

“Manufacturer of luxury cars says. “work with all his might, leave as little free time and buy expensive ****** stuff””. As a result, the company has removed the ads from the air.

During the broadcast of Super Bowl in 2011, Groupon unveiled a promotional video starring Timothy Hutton. The video begins with the words of the actor. “The people of Tibet are in trouble, their culture is in danger”. Then follows the scene in the restaurant Chicago, where the actor continues. “But they still catch a great fish curry”, and profitable offers to buy the restaurant through Groupon.

. The publication accused the company of operating problems of Tibet for the sake of promotion and in violation of human rights. Fortune magazine made a video in a list of Super Bowl ads that never had to go on the air. Groupon first said that, on the contrary, tried to focus on the problems of Tibet and to help them, but later openly apologized and stopped the broadcast.

Interestingly, up until 2014, she did not release any commercials. In Russia, one of the most discussed video of the last time was advertising “EBM on Lubyanka”, in which children through blackmail and interrogation force their parents to go with them to the store.

After sharp criticism of advertising to Internet users the company has removed the video from his YouTube account. One of them is still available on the page of the blogger Rustem Adagamov in Facebook. On the creation of ads work team comic magazine “Yeralash” and production Studio of Boris Grachevsky.

Later, on August 25, FAS declared illegal and outdoor advertising shop. In 2013, Ford India has released an advertisement with the image of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in the car, where also are associated women. The advertisement contained the slogan. “Leave your sorrows behind with extrabold trunk Figo”.

After accusations of impropriety Ford apologized for the incident and referred to the negligence of their Agency in India. In the spring of 2013, PepsiCo has published on its YouTube channel brand advertising Mountain Dew, demonstrating severely injured a woman in a police station.

She is asked to indicate the rapist among the detainees — five African Americans and goats. After mass accusations of racism and ignoring the problem of violence against women, the company has deleted the video. In an interview with Adweek, the representatives of PepsiCo said. “We understand that advertising can be perceived by some people as offensive, and we apologize to everyone we offended”.

In November 2014 to promote the PlayStation Vita, Sony has removed the ads with the girl in a doctors white coat, which asks the audience how often they do it, and do not I fear that doing it too often. At the end of the video it appears that the woman was referring to Remote Play function on the PlayStation 4. The media expressed a negative attitude towards relume.

In particular, the publication Business Insider wrote. “Movie insults of all. Gamers presented as troubled teenagers who look upon women as only sex objects, and women who may be involved in the game supposedly only if they are stunningly gorgeous”. The company has removed the video from your page in the video.

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