A joint project vc.ru and the law firm “cliff”: “legal Advice,”

Beginners and experienced entrepreneurs regularly face legal difficulties — in such cases, you may need the help of an expert, who will provide relevant information and help to deal with the problem. As assistants for readers vc.ru are the experts of law firm “cliff” — with their support we opened the rubric of “legal Advice” which will be published not only useful materials but also the answers to your questions. First the material is already published — it is dedicated to the development of legal instruments for the online project, one to — in it we will talk about investment agreements.

The role of experts and authors are Catherine Denisenko, Veronica Kazakevich and Roman Bahenec — they are well versed in intellectual property and dispute resolution, corporate law, e-Commerce, personal data and other related areas. Specialists of the company “cliff” has worked with such companies as Rostelecom, MTS, Beeline and TELE2. To ask your legal question and receive answers from experts, you need to click on the blue button on the page heading and describe your problem. The application you can attach diagrams, pictures, sketches and graphics that experts had all the information to find a solution. The category launched with the support of the law firm “cliff”.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/what-startup-consultants-can-and-can-t-do-for-your-startup/

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