“A niche product with a misty fate”: what happened to Pinterest since then, as everyone had forgotten about him

Pinterest — a service that allows users to bookmark their favorite images (pins) to allow you to create collections (boards). The main idea of social network is to enable users to share images found on the web. That is, should not be tied to real time or to be made by the owner of the account. This service in 2010 launched an Internet entrepreneur Ben Silberman, who previously worked at Google and had the experience of creating your product.

In August 2012 he opened a free registration (up to this point, become a user could only by invitation). Two years after the creation of the resource has reached 11.7 million unique visitors per month. The publication TechCrunch then noted that Pinterest crossed the mark of 10 million monthly users faster than any other independent website in the history of Internet. The amount of time spent on the resource, Pinterest overtook only Facebook and Tumblr among other social networks.

This increase in attendance was provided primarily to women 18-34 years of American Outback c above-average income level. Although male and the database is also updated, experts of the analytical company eMarketer predict that only by 2019 it will reach 20%. The company also noted that at the international level, it is men who most actively join the platform. For example, in India, South Korea, Japan and Brazil distribution by gender — 50% 50%.

Since then, the service has introduced the ability to add additional images to the information, Pinterest has begun to attract more traffic. Today, there are six types of “rich pins”. Existing since 2010, the service has gathered 100 million users (data from September 2015).

For comparison. Global audience of Instagram in September surpassed 400 million users, last to reach a hundred in just nine months. Pinterest is perceived more as a search engine rather than social media. Here and content lives longer, and keywords are more important.

“Search the ambitions of Pinterest can make it more of a competitor to Google and Amazon than Facebook and Twitter,” writes eMarketer. With this statement agrees the publication Entrepreneur. One of its authors Neil Patel wrote. “Pinterest is no longer just a wish-list, its a shopping website. Move Over, Amazon”.

For people interested in Pinterest as the platform to promote their business, the team created so-called “promoted pins” (“Promoted Pins”). Access to them can only get a business account. This pins that brands use as their main image for their kolletsii.

The only difference between them and normal pins is the Board for it to be viewed by more people. To understand exactly what pin will be the most clickable, you can use a separate service Pinterest Analytics available after registration to the business profile. Pinterest Analytics allows you to learn the audience. The demographic, gender, geographical and other characteristics.

You can also see which devices subscribers use, what pins are most popular, some like things, what are divided and added to their. In other words, its a database that helps brands to organize the promotion. Choose an image, make it promotional and to observe how effective it is. In the spring of 2015, the developers of Pinterest introduced the ability to “pinite” not only online, but also all over the Internet.

You need to add from your profile click the save button pins for browser. No matter what site the user is located. If he presses this button, click on the picture and save it, it will appear on his page. The button “Buy it” blue button which is located next to the red “Pin it”.

With it the user can order the thing shown on the picture. On Pinterest today pins placed 60 million like button for fans of fast online shopping. The feature is only available for iOS and Android users in the U.S. Can be found via the Pinterest app or the browser — have to type in a search engine Shop our picks, choose your favorite pin with the goods and place your order via credit card or Apple Pay.

“We already see positive results. Purchases through the platform Shopify has twice exceeded forecasts,” says the head of commercial Department Michael Yamartino in the business blog Pinterest. In November, Pinterest introduced a new search option to the information on the website.

The team added a tool that allows you to find information about any thing from the picture. Just click the icon in the right corner of the images, highlight interesting parts of the image and to see how Pinterest is looking for in its database of photos and descriptions of similar products. For example, if the user liked the lamp in the picture with the interior of the room, he must devote part of her. Then based on the found pins it will see the name and a link where it can be found.

To facilitate the search, you can use the appropriate tags and categories, thanks to which the chances of finding the subject grow. Pinterest is the second most important social network for BuzzFeed. The service provides much more traffic in comparison with other social networks, often referring users to the old publications BuzzFeed. More than half of the traffic applies to publications made two months ago.

Representatives from BuzzFeed uses Pinterest to understand what is of most interest to subscribers, and also to find new ideas for content. For the first time, a surge of visits to the site occurred after the first editor Peggy Wang Buzzfeed released a publication in 2012 on DIY projects. For the time the account has collected about 2.3 million hits just using Pinterest. This case showed the advantage of social media and Buzzfeed persuaded to focus their attention on it.

Employees of service note that traffic does not always provide the image, which is often shared. Beautiful pictures of food and travel get more reposts, but readers do not linger on them long. However, some pins (mostly funny) increasingly forced to click on the image to see the continuation. 30% of the most popular publications BuzzFeed on Pinterest are just plain fun content.

The team BuzzFeed also noticed that the greatest number of views collected those publications in which the title is right on one of the pins. In addition, 77% of visits to the site are carried out via mobile devices, so the team is following BuzzFeed and that and the mobile version of the website was easy to use for Pinterest users. We use Pinterest as a visual search engine to reach our customers with the right content at the right time for them, creating the same product in which the buyer is interested. Pinterest offers us unique opportunities for creativity, one which is not found in other places — for example, the service involves the supply pins detailed description, while in other places we are used to the visual limitations and up.

Bank of America joined Pinterest in late 2014. Their target audience in social networks — the millennial generation, in everyday life, which is a lot of financial transactions, starting from your first paycheck and planning a wedding and ending with retirement savings. The Banks team created themed boards, for example, “buying a home” or “trip Ideas” and filled them with pins corresponding contents.

Pictures send users to Bettermoneyhabits.com (online resource Bank that helps people understand how they actually spend their money) for more details. BMH promotes Pinterest-collections on all social channels. The team has also added Pin it buttons to all the content on the website.

We reach our new audience and help her to realize that technology is a part of her life — from cooking to. Pinterest is our primary way of expanding our audience on social media. Our collections reflect the style of the brand through image, getting to the most stylish of the audience, and ensure a good attendance of the official website.

Basically collection Sony on their products, vintage ads, and interesting devices. Theres also just funny and touching the boards with pins the dogs playing with the Sony products. The company makes a mailing to the collections of Pinterest to make people aware of their pins. Letter from rich visual content are large in volume and offer to subscribe to multiple collections Sony.

The mailing resulted in traffic increasing by 67% above the target, and the CTR by 16%. Then the Sony team decided to organize a newsletter every two weeks that brought the increase in subscription by 15%. Despite the global success of Pinterest, which he predicted many foreign digital editions, in Russia, the social network has not reached such popularity, as, for example, in the USA.

Edition vc.ru asked the experts in the field of Internet marketing to comment on the Pinterest situation in Russia — both for users and for advertisers. About Pinterest a lot and talked about in the beginning of 2012. Then all believed that when a large amount of information the ad should quickly and easily be absorbed. At that time, only BuzzFeed and Pinterest put the focus on image.

In 2012 appeared on the market time “the grey horse” Instagram — Playground, activity which began to grow exponentially after it was bought by Facebook. And today, every user of social networks know about what is Instagram, and every second person reading this text has in it the account, and what percentage of these people has an account in Pinterest. One of those brands that have invested money and time in this social network, their activities continued for less than 20%.

However, their accounts in Pinterest versus Instagram look half-dead. For comparison, see the service page for booking tickets Aviasales. 10,9 thousand followers in Instagram and Pinterest 230 V. Heres another example, Trends Brands.

15,2 thousand in Instagram and on Pinterest 114. Or Glamour magazine. 2.2 thousand subscribers versus 151 thousand. Pinterest is not the most positive picture. A long discussion on the topic of what brands didnt find their target audience or have not learned to use this social network that is a not relevant sampling because it does not show the whole picture, and so on.

But even just by looking at Alexa we can see that Instagram on the 27th, and on Pinterest 44. Getting into top 50 is a good result, but in the first place to go to where most of the audience. The simpler, the better, and its not about Pinterest. On the one hand, rich functionality, but on the other hand, to understand and to adapt to it could not all users.

Instagram optimize their site for ads, and Pinterest there is no. It was like a collective blog, it still remains, and the guarantee of success is traffic and update functionality needs. For a long time in Russia Pinterest was one of the key gradually rising trends of social media.

Prerequisites for this opinion was weight. The rapid growth of Pinterest in the West, the appearance of enthusiasts in Russia, moderate, but inspired by media wave. “Early adopters” began to create accounts, business to take the first timid attempts to get traffic from social networks (the blessing for this purpose there were all possibilities), was even a Russian clone of Pinterest — Pinne. Now it became clear that Pinterest in Russia that is called did not go.

The main reason is non-obvious pattern of use. Most users do not quite understand, why post an abstract (in comparison with highly customized Instagram) image boards. Intangible habit of collecting in Russia, online purchase majority of users does spontaneously, so the pattern works with Pinterest formats “ideas for shopping” and “wish-list” also did not engraft. Pinterest is not only popular in the West, the format of social service who have not obtained the audience in Russia.

You remember Snapchat, Delicious, Reddit, MySpace. This is normal, we have formed the infrastructure of social media, the features of user behavior, your favorites. So that you can begin to forget about Pinterest and look further, for example, at Periscope. Pinterest has long gone out of the state of the fashion trends and finally moved into the category of a niche product with a misty fate.

Instagram already won the race in the segment of social networks with photo content. Of course, Pinterest, there are differences in sorting and finding pictures, but these advantages are critical for small segment of users. Accordingly, and from advertisers in Russia, the interest in service small. The situation may change if the service will be able to offer not just unique, but also convenient for the masses TSS, and/or negotiate about the integration with one of the major players in the social media segment.

Otherwise, Russia will Pinterest remain a niche service with the vague prospect.

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