A Night With Sierra MacOS And IOS 10: Overview Of Innovations In Public Beta Versions Of Apple OS

The most noticeable change, which is evident at the first startup, the new Siri bright icons in the dock and the menu bar. Both perform the same function — call virtual assistant Siri is, therefore, one of the icons can be immediately removed. Siri on the computer knows how much. To make calls, launch applications, make appointments, search for files on the computer to publish posts to Facebook and Twitter, send texts and emails, play music, change settings of the screen to search the Internet and stuff.

One of the most convenient features Siri — computing. You can say “twelve times seventy-four”, and Siri will immediately reveal the answer. It is much faster than starting the calculator and enter the numbers on the keyboard.

By default, you can invoke Siri by long pressing the key combination Command-space bar. This same combination I use to change the language, so when switching keyboard mode delay was added. I recommend to immediately change the combination to invoke Siri on Fn and spacebar.

The new control center. Apple has increased the size of emoji characters in Messages. In public beta macOS is no support for those effects that announced in iOS 10 — perhaps the company will add them later. However, messages sent from your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10, will still reach the recipient.

The initials on the icons of the interlocutors is now written in bold. The updated photos app, there were “smart” search, albums for geotagging and individuals. You can now enter the search string “Sea” and the application will display only those photos in which water is present. Another new feature — “Memories”.

The application groups the images based on date, location and people and displays them as a slideshow. Card institutions for extended information. Noticeable redesign got iTunes. Appeared in bold headlines, big illustrations in glossy magazines.

When it disappeared gradients and color fills all the screens of the app now on a white background. The designers analyzed the behavior of users to Apple Music and focused on the most popular action. For example, group names are now highlighted in blue — it is more convenient to go to the list of tracks and albums.

Connect the migrated section into a tab within the section of “For you” button be added to the librarys large and noticeable. You can now enable simultaneous playback on multiple devices via Airplay. A new feature in macOS, which, judging by the reviews online, waited by many users — the “Optimized storage”.

The service analyzes the files stored on the computer and finds solutions for their optimization. For example, already watched movies and TV shows you can move to the cloud. The originals of the photos you can also move to iCloud, and leave only optimized images.

Especially useful was the optimization of mail — in edition vc.ru each day send a few dozen letters and a few weeks on the computer they were employed more than 25 GB of disk space. With the new function, you can delete all the old attachments in emails, leaving only the actual. Solution which can improve the efficiency of the shared clipboard for the Apple ecosystem. There is no need any configuration, it works along the principle of Steve jobs “It just works”.

You can select text on your iPad or iPhone with iOS 10, press Command and V on a Macbook and the text is copied. The function works not only for text. Similarly, you can highlight the photo. Airdrop is enough to copy the to the clipboard and paste it on any other device.

A function that has not yet been tested but which will be, in my case, one of the most frequently used — unlock macOS with the Apple Watch. To operate the system, the required version of watchOS 3, which the company has not yet released for public testing. But judging by the video online, Apple is able to solve the problem of unlock the computer without any additional action from the user — contrary to analysts expectations that the company will use the sensor for fingerprint on iPhone.

According to developers who have already tested the auto unlock in the OS for developers, it only works if the watch is on the wrist of the user. The screen of the iPhone with installed iOS 10 included self — sufficient to take the smartphone in hand. Finger automatically tries to unlock the phone, swipe right to left to enter the code for the first activation, (now you just need to click on “Home”), but the center widgets.

Center widgets on the iPad consists of two columns. Time is left-aligned on iPad Pro 129. From here you can find all the necessary information. Weather, scheduled events, traffic jams, the battery level of the Apple Watch and other.

This can be a good entry point for third party applications — for example, a widget with a digest of the latest news for vc.ru. Center widgets now is a key part of iOS — it is one swipe from the user, wherever he was. On the lock, unlocked the screen or “Missed” (list of missed notifications, which now is called swipe from top to bottom).

The camera turns on with a swipe to the left. IOS 10, users more opportunities to interact with notifications on a locked iPhone. For example, you can immediately respond to a message without opening the app. “Control” received the redesign of the buttons became bigger, changed the location of points. Pressing too hard on the “Flashlight,” “Timer,” “Calculator” or “Camera” you can just go to the quick application functionality.

For example, to select the mode of illumination of the flashlight. Bright, medium or weak. “Music,” Apple posted on a separate screen “control” — it is called swipe to the left. A similar solution for iPad.

Apple developers have implemented a 3D Touch to the max. After a few hours of use on iOS 10 to it is really addictive — so much so that during the transition to the iPad (which is no support for 3D Touch) mechanically trying to apply additional force to the icons to call the “quick” menu. 3D Touch menu for “Settings”. All third-party applications now have a default menu item 3D Touch — Share.

The most dramatic changes have occurred in the “Messages”. Offering simple and functional application, it was a mixture of funny effects and a whole range of different tools for communication. To send messages you can now attach effects — for example, the balloons that will fly when you receive a text, a laser show. You can make it so that when you receive a message all other messages in the conversation bounces, or the message should have been “rubbing” for the manifestation of “invisible” ink.

There are new ways of communication. Handwriting that the other person sees as you write. Especially useful on iPad Pro, you can write a message or draw a diagram using Apple Pencil.

On the iPad Pro you can draw in fullscreen. In addition to the effects in the “Messages” appeared on the preview content. For example, songs from the Apple Music sent in cards — its just to listen to the right Messages.

And of course, stickers. Use the “Messages” I want to constantly. Probably, the new iMessages take away some attention from other messengers.

For example, a Telegram is because a “Message” more fun, no annoying public chat rooms and bots, they are safe. Whatsapp is because there is a clear multiplatform. Changed the animation of the appearance of the folder when open, the desktop background stays in place, added a blur effect.

In the “Photo” like in macOS Sierra, there were “Memories”. When you first start the app will ask permission to perform the entire collection of photos to assemble a slideshow. In addition, the application learned to recognize faces and search for content images. An interesting new feature in the app — sleep tracking.

You can set the time required to sleep and “start” the clock and the application will show on the dial, when to go to sleep. “Time” tracks sleep duration and displays it on the chart. In addition, the user can select appropriate music for awakening — for example, with increasing volume level.

In the notes there appeared the possibility of working together. Like macOS, Apple Music for iOS has received a new design with large buttons, bold headlines and white background. There was a separate menu for downloaded tracks, but when you pause the song cover rolls up automatically.

Contacts icons for call and message round now. Third-party application developers will be able to add own icons — for example, calls through WhatsApp or message via Telegram. On the iPad version of iOS 10 application appeared Playgrouds — Apple crossed the game and training programming in Swift. First lessons seem elementary, but then it becomes more complex and interesting.

The Playgrouds screen is divided into two parts — the left of the user and a field for writing the code, right — the result in the form of the adventures of a character who overcomes obstacles.

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