AdCharity — application for transfer of funds to charity through viewing advertising banners

My name is Anton Goltsman, Im 28 years old, Im the co-founder and marketing Director application AdCharity. This application for Android that allows the user to transfer in favor of the charitable funds received in the form of bonuses for viewing advertising banners on the lock screen of a smartphone. After installing the application and registering the user downloads the package advertising. The lock screen of the smartphone is changing.

The splash screen is the banner from the downloaded package, and appears heart — logo AdCharity, which can be moved in three directions. Slide right to unlock phone, slide up — access the application “Phone”, left — skip to the page with detailed information about what is depicted on the banner. Contact with advertising is the fact of unlocking your phone, to make some additional steps not necessary. All banners in AdCharity are downloaded in one package (and you can configure the application so that it was in range of a wifi), so there is no such that the advertising content is downloaded not to the end or “slow” the phone because of low speed Internet connection.

You use the phone as normal, the only difference is the interface unlock. For what users see banner ads, they get special bonuses — “the help”. One unlock of the screen under “help”. The course is a “help” depends on the specific advertising campaign (we put in mechanics application the KPIs and the conditions of cooperation that we receive from the advertiser).

Now 1 “the help” is the equivalent of 20 cents. Through the personal account in the application “help” can be translated in one of the funds with which cooperates AdCharity. Among our partners — the hospice Foundation “Faith”, the world wildlife Fund, charity Fund “downside Up”, “life Line”, “Nastenka”, and “Age is a joy”. According to our plans, when the app will gain momentum and will attract more advertisers, users will be paying 60-70 rubles a week (300-350 “help”).

The application earns on the contracts with advertisers. Part of the proceeds goes to transfers to charitable funds, investments in the application infrastructure and transaction costs. Among costs including taxes. Transfers to funds not go to the expenses reducing tax base, and can be carried out only from the profits.

Using the Agencys Initiative, we launched the first advertising campaigns of four brands of Unilever. Lipton, Calve, Knorr, and Rexona. The application has been downloaded more than 15 thousand people. We bought non-incentive traffic with pay per install.

When we managed to enter the top 20 lifestyle apps in Google Play (those days it was, frankly, not very much), we saw that organic downloads is becoming more. Conversion of units in reception is very good, more than 50% — it is clear that people understand why they are downloading this app. Then, of course, the part of the user falls off — we see it statistically hits of banners — but the ratio of active users to the number of downloads that has been established at the moment, quite happy with us and the advertisers.

On January 28 we made the first tranche in favor of charities — for the first month of application users to “translated” (formally “help” is a virtual vote in favor of the actual transfer of funds in a particular Fund) slightly more than 72 thousand rubles. In fact, in the system accrued a lot more “help”, but some of them for various reasons remains undistributed. Real money we will transfer at the end of each month, the statistics will be open to all users. Still it is very pleasing to intangible results.

When you read the reviews in Google Play, there is hope that your karma is cleared a bit. Most people are very positive about the application and say that the TV ads have finally stopped their annoying. There are those who believe that we will deceive all users will take all their money and leave the country. But these people didnt even try to understand the logic of your application. From users we do not require anything.

The project has three founder — Edward Mailov, Daniel Katsura and I. The companys CEO is Edward, he is responsible for our interaction with advertisers and General business processes. I engaged in the promotion and communication with users inside the app, and Daniel communicates with contractors. Application development, legal and accounting matters we have given to outsourcing, website design and app also comes up with an external Agency — the “Zen design”.

This year we want to provide an application of 200 thousand units (according to our calculations, up to a quarter of people who have downloaded apps will remain active users). First priority, of course, to build the capabilities of our advertisers. This year we want to launch and app on iPhone.

The same mechanism to build there will not work because iOS does not allow to customize the interfaces, but were looking for ways to offer socially active audience iPhone tool, also based on the bonus mechanics. While inclined to create a coalition loyalty program. Partners from the business world will be to return part of the client check our “help”. And customers, in turn, will receive information about the partners and their offers through the app and other channels.

We developed on own money, now the first funds come from contracts with advertisers. It is clear that the creation of infrastructure for marketing activities for companies who are interested in our audience, and the desired attachment. We also noticed that the project has no direct analogues in other countries, and scaling models do not make any problems. So we are now in active search of the investor.

Returned the floor to the readers. Want to get the word out and tell about your startup. Welcome to the tribune.


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