Advertising Delivery Club In Telegram-channel “Ex” And Automatic Spam Filters In Instagram

News in the field of advertising and marketing over the last week. Service Delivery Slub published native ads in the Telegram-channel messages from the fictional girls “the Former”. The channel has about 49 thousand subscribers. The article contains a promotional code vernisproshu.

He is active at the time of this writing, and gives a discount for 350 rubles when ordering from 750 rubles. The third largest advertising Agency in the world, Publicis told Business Insider that in 2018, the year will not go to the Cannes film festival. The Agency stated that the money it spends on entry fees and payment of hotels, it is better to invest in a new product based on artificial intelligence. Edition have calculated how much it costs a trip to the Cannes advertising festival.

For example, a Cup of tea costs $10, sandwich $35, the application for participation is $600. “Yandex.Taxi” mounted advertising service in the movies on TV channel STS. Videos about the taxi adjusted to the plot of “Star wars”, “Despicable me”, “ninja Turtles” and other paintings. “Yandex.Map” launched an advertising campaign of the new film about spider-Man. The service introduced a new design of buttons and directions home.

Now its called “Return home” — the same as the advertised movie, and it is decorated in the style of. When prompted to “movie” or “cinema” on “Yandex.Maps” some cinemas are marked by icons with the image of spider-Man. Clicking on it, the user will see a movie trailer in the cinema. The European Commission has fined Google €2,42 billion Euro due to the violations of the Antimonopoly legislation. Representatives of the European Commission believe that Google has abused its dominant market position in search to promote Google Shopping.

The ratings of competing services is artificially underestimated, why their suggestions were not shown on the first page of the search. “Yandex” has added clarification to the ads on the sites of Yandex advertising network. Refiners are small descriptions of differences offers advertiser. According to “Yandex”, those who have already used the innovation, received good results. So, clarify in the ad already give a boost to CTR to 3%.

In “Yandex.Direct” from June 29 disabled option “Show in minimum position”. Ads will now compete for those places to show where you can get selected rates. “Yandex” recommends the following strategies. The average conversion price and the Average return on investment. Using these tools, advertisers will be able to control the ultimate effectiveness of their ads.

IAB Russia together with the Agency iProspect Russia introduced a new version of “Card of mobile advertising”. It includes all the key market players. Agency, networks, platforms and platform seller, CPI and CPA networks, Analytics services, shops associated with the promotion of mobile applications, and other. This year the project was joined by more than 30 companies and affect all sections. Google has announced the release of AdWords editor version 12.

The updated tool has a new design and several new features. In the new version of the editor you can create and edit custom rules to alert on violation of the best practices when making changes. Also, a new field for native ads and the ability to upload more videos and images in universal campaigns. Google AdWords is testing a button to automatically generate the listing titles in their English version. This option is added to the window with a new ad and says.

“You create a second ad with the headers in reverse order”. Instagram announced the launch of a filter that will automatically block the obvious spam in the comments to the publications and live broadcasts. The new feature will work in nine languages, including Russian. Social network “Schoolmates” has opened the possibility of direct broadcast from the computer without additional software.

The air comes directly from the webcam of the laptop or computer. In maps launched the international platform of local advertising for owners of small and medium business. Advertised object stand out visually. When displaying the search results list it is highlighted, and the map — is the major asterisk. In the usual playing card marked by a non-standard icon that stands out from the rest.

Swiss is a song by the yodeling had become a hit on YouTube and no ads received over a million views. The video was designed to support Welsh festival lovers singing yodeling Agency Contexta. Based on the creators took the hit DJ Antoine “Ma chérie” and processed it into a yodeling version of that performed by the villagers against the backdrop of Alpine mountains. Edition chose 10 advertising campaigns, which took the “Golden lions” at the Cannes film festival in 2017. Among them, the stadium Jogging sneakers, motorcycles from melted aircraft carrier and brush for 3D paintings in a virtual reality.

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