Advertising in “Back to the future”

Having a visible presence in Back to the future, Pepsi was able to increase sales of their drinks. If in the 1960s, the sales volume was inferior to Pepsi Coca-Cola 2.5 times, in 1985 (the year of the release of the first series of the trilogy) is only 15%. That year the company managed to finish with revenue of $7.5 million.

In 1985 PepsiCo has absorbed the brand 7UP, becoming the largest producer of carbonated beverages in the world. In the same year, the management of Coca-Cola, noting decreasing demand for your brand, slightly changed the usual taste of the drink — soda was a little softer and sweeter. This cost places the management of the company, which encroached on “the true taste of America”, but increased sales of the beverage.

2014 Pepsi ended at around almost $6.5 billion in net profit, Coca-Cola is almost $7.1 billion. In September 2015, the company announced a limited edition Pepsi Perfect. The design of the bottles completely repeated the one that was present in the second part of “Back to the future”, where the heroes set off for the next 30 years.

It is planned to produce 6.5 thousand bottles, which will be on Amazon for $20,15 (in the movie Pepsi in 2015, cost $50). Another 1,500 bottles will be given to those who will go to new York Comic Con festival in costume Marty McFly. Project Pepsi is only for US residents.

Texaco traces its history back to 1901, when the company began to engage in the exploration and production of oil. Then the brand began to develop gasoline and motor oil. And in connection with the automotive boom in the USA in the 1930s, Texaco opened its first gas station and auto repair. In this form the company and was remembered for his trilogy “Back to the future”.

The brand has become widely known in USA and it was presented in every state. Despite billions in profits, until 2015 the company has not lived. In 2001, Chevron absorbed Texaco, bought her shares at $37 billion.

Until 2005 the combined company was called Chevron Texaco, and later it returned to its previous name — Chevron Corporation. Giants revenue in 2014 amounted to more than $19 billion. The Nike company presented all three parts of the movie, but it samozashnurovyvayuschihsya sneakers of the future have become popular among the fans. For many years they are charging the company with questions, when it will release similar shoes.

In 2011, Nike made a first attempt and have released a limited batch of shoes, repeating design sneakers the movie. 1500 pairs differed from the original only using conventional laces. In January 2015, the companys designer Tinker Hatfield promised to achieve a complete identity until the end of the year and make samozashnurovyvayuschihsya sneakers.

. Despite the widespread use of American brands, almost all equipment presented in the trilogy “Back to the future” — the Japanese manufacturer JVC. A special role was given to the camcorder JVC GR-C1, which the company began to produce in 1983. It uses Marty McFly in 1985 to preserve the history for first time travel.

Due to its cinelive, the camera came in a hundred of the best gadgets of all time. In the early 1990s the company was profitable due to the release of VCRs and video cassettes. Later when replaced by other media, JVC was on the verge of bankruptcy — it was only saved by the production of plasma TVs.

The intent of the producers of the film, JVC was supposed to be in demand in 2015. In reality, however, in 2009 the company was acquired by the Japanese company Kenwood for $29 million dollars and became known as JVC Kenwood Corporation. In the late 1970s manufacturer of beer Miller Brewing, leading its history from 1855, became the second brewer in the U.S. Then the company was owned by tobacco giant Philip Morris.

The trilogy presents several brands of beer. For example, Biff pulls out of the fridge in the house McFly Miller Lite Beer, and Dr. brown holds a Miller High Life. Until 2015, the company in its original form did not survive. In 2002, the Association of South African Breweries (SAB) bought Miller for more than $5.5 billion.

While Philip Morris Tobacco Company has maintained its share at 36%. As a result, the company was renamed SABMiller and took second place in the production of beer in the world. The companys profit in 2014 amounted to about $3.5 billion.

. Another beer brand that is present on the screen a few minutes in the first part of “Back to the future” — BUD Light. The variety belongs to the American brewing company Anheuser-Busch, known for his more than a century of struggle with the Czech company Budweiser Budva for the right to use the trademark Budweiser. BUD Light is the best selling beer in the U.S. and has a much less popular outside.

. Another unfamiliar brand for the Russian market — POPOV Vodka. It is owned by Diageo North America, a subsidiary of the largest manufacturer of alcoholic drinks Diageo.

Due to the low price, the primary audience of the brand College students. The company occupies a big share of the vodka market in the United States and known as the “Russian best”. The advertising of the brand Calvin Klein was made in the first part of “Back to the future”.

Actually purple mens briefs were not even shown in the frame. A young mother of Marty McFly Lorraine notices that had never seen underwear that color, and suggests that the heros name is Calvin. In 1985, the brand was known mainly only in the USA, European viewers this name said nothing. So, for example, in the French dubbing of the Calvin Klein name was changed to Pierre Cardin.

A collection of mens underwear designer has developed only in 1982, before that Calvin Klein was engaged in the garment and jeans. The designer made a splash, releasing briefs for men in white and with a wide elastic band, which was done to his own name. It is these discoveries which so astounded the consumers, and were played in the movie.

Due to the innovation, in 1984 the company earned about $7.5 million (equivalent to $16.5 billion in 2015). In the first part of the trilogy “Back to the future” Dr. browns feeding the dog food Kal Kan. In the 1960-ies the company for the production of animal feed purchased food Corporation Mars Incorporated.

Founded in 1911, Mars has made a name for himself in the production of sweets. In the 1930s, company management decided to expand the business and bought European brands of animal feed Chappie (later in the U.S. it was renamed in Pedigree) and Kit-e-ration, later named Kitekat. In 1958 the company opened a new brand Whiskas. And even after 10 years, Mars has become known in the USA manufacturer of animal food Kal Kan.

Prior to 1988, the brand continued to manufacture products under the original name. Underneath he appeared in the film. In the U.S. in 1988, the unit for the production of feed for cats Kal Kan Whiskas was renamed, and the direction of feed for dogs became known as Pedigree.

Today, Mars is the only Corporation among the major players in the food market, which is privately owned. Its revenue reached $33 billion a year. Communication technology in the house of Marty McFly from the future is owned by AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph).

Founded in 1885, the American AT&T for a long time was in the USA a monopoly on local and long-distance communication. The companys peak came in the 1950s-1960s, when the Corporation employed about 1 million people, and revenue was approximately $3 billion a year. In 1984, under pressure from the U.S. justice Department AT&T singled out the companys business segment provides local telephony services — SBC Communications (Southwestern Bell Corporation). Ironically, in 2005 for $16 billion itself SBC acquired AT&T.

And a year later for $67 billion in a merger of the company included BellSouth. Thus AT&T became the largest telecommunications company in the U.S. Its profit in the second quarter of 2015 amounted to about $3 billion.

. Dehydrated pizza Hut Pizza, which is two seconds in a special device turns into a conventional pizza was the only dish on the table of the family of McFly 21st October 2015. Real 2015 the company changed its logo. Since the 1970s, Pizza Hut is considered to be the manufacturer of “pizza number one” in the U.S.

In 2014 the company was ranked 96-th place in the ranking of the best global brands according to Brand Report. Producers of California raisins Raisins in 1985, faced with a large excess of goods in their warehouses. The reason was the lower demand for California grapes and wines, and the rising popularity of foreign manufacturers.

The company paid Universal $25 thousand, the product of California Raisins appeared in two scenes of the first part of “Back to the future”. The first mention of the brand lay in the fact that in the frame Marty should have raisins, the second —advertising sign on a bench at the bus stop. Not knowing that the money has already been made, the stage of absorption of raisins from the film was cut, as the product of California Raisins in the frame was not very photogenic.

The advertising sign in the movie appeared, though on the bench, which, covered with a newspaper, sleeping homeless. Leadership California Raisins was terrified of this advertising. The filmmakers faced trial. However, getting back $25 thousand dollars, the conflict was resolved.

. The appearance of a DeLorean in the trilogy was the peak of popularity of the car. Later, the brand appeared in the parody film, computer games and cartoons. Initially to travel back in time Dr. brown had planned in the refrigerator.

However later on this idea, the filmmakers decided to give up because of fears that children begin to climb into the fridge in hopes to travel back in time. The time machine was destined to be remembered by the audience in the form of DeLorean DMC-12, also known simply as the DeLorean as another model, the automaker never issued. “12” in the model name meant the initial cost of the car — 12 thousand dollars.

The sports car was produced in Northern Ireland just a few years from 1981 to 1983. In 1982 the DeLorean Motor Company collapsed and was placed under external management. It was later declared bankruptcy. Despite the huge popularity of the car after the movie, the company was not able to start all over again.

In 2013 the Museum Universal Studios in California has a new, thoroughly restored copy of “time machine”. The image of the DeLorean is still popular. Thus, the private service for finding taxi Lyft with Universal and Verizon on the day when the movie characters were in the future is 21 October 2015 — will offer everyone free ride in the famous DeLorean in new York.

On before the date mentioned in the movie, there was the announcement of the sale DeLorean. Car 1981 release offer to purchase for 2.8 million rubles.


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