Advertising Samsung vs Apple: fanatical consumers, comparing the iPad Air with a pencil, hints of mediocrity

The name of the new clip contains a reference to Apples latest advertisement which was published under the slogan “If its not an iPhone, its not an iPhone”. Samsung beat him that way. “Its not a phone its a Galaxy”. This is not the first Samsung advertisement, which contains hints of Apple.

The first thing that started to make fun of Samsung, not the characteristics of a competitor, and his fans-consumers. In 2011 Samsung showed a long queue of people waiting for the start of sales of the new iPhone 4S. They noticed a man with a Galaxy S2 and interested in his smartphone. The video was released under the slogan.

“The Next Big Thing is Already Here”. In a similar style designed advertising Galaxy S3, but this time the attack on Apple was accompanied by the idea that iPhone out of fashion. In September 2014, the Korean company has introduced a series of rollers, in which, according to the story, two employees Apple watch broadcast presentations of new devices and disappointedly react to their characteristics, understanding that presents innovations like the big screen already with other manufacturers.

The movie is dedicated to the Apple Watch. In 2013, Samsung released a parody ad, compare iPad Air with a simple pencil.

In Russia Samsung also periodically makes fun of a competitor. For example, in the movie “Euroset” for advertising the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge actress Oksana Akinshina says. “This is the flagship. Not that glitch fruit company. Really cool”.

. In the same series of ads for “Euroset” a hint of Apple contained in the actions of the actor Maxim Vitorgan, who twirled his accutanee an Apple and throws it out after producer-conultant recommends that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. September 9, a few hours before the presentation of new Apple products Samsung representatives published in “Vkontakte” ads Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with the words “Why wait for tonight?”.


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