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Every Friday together with performance Agency Adventum collects breaking news digital. March 21, 2017, the Association of communication agencies of Russia (ACAR) held a meeting where representatives spoke to the ratings agencies and talked about his methodology, rules and vision of the market. The participants of the meeting shared their impressions about the event with the editors The volume of Russian advertising market by the end of 2016 increased by 11% to 360 billion rubles excluding VAT.

This information is published on the website of the Association of communication agencies of Russia (ACAR). Show all forms of advertising except print media. The first place in terms of growth took the segment of online advertising. Creative Director of the Agency Publicis London Polina Zabrodskaya said in an interview about work in Russia, Italy and the UK. 14 March developers “Vkontakte” added the count of records on the personal pages of users and communities.

Edition interviewed participants of the advertising market and learned how the innovation will affect the behavior of brands, agencies and users. Google AdWords has announced changes to the exact match. In the next few months this type of matching will be expanded to include different word order and function words. For example, after the update function words can be ignored, perefraziruya or added. Representatives of Google AdWords stressed that the system will not change the word order or function words in exact conformity in the case that this will entail changing the value of the request.

Google also predicts an increase in clicks by 3%. VKontakte announced the launch of money transfer groups, public pages and events via messages to communities. To send transfer it is necessary to open dialogue with the community, select the “Money” in the menu of attachments, enter the amount and confirm the transfer. Google AdWords launches two new indicators of the effectiveness of video advertising. The indicator “Coverage of unique users” will help advertisers to find out the average number of impressions for the same person on different devices and platforms.

Index “viewing” will be available for campaigns with In-Stream ads and screensavers. It will show exactly which ads hold the attention of the audience and be most effective. Google launched two new courses at the Analytics Academy – Google Analytics for beginners Google Analytics and advanced level. Both courses can take only users who can speak English. The course for novice instructors of Cutroni Justin and Krista Seiden will introduce students to the basics of Google Analytics.

An advanced course designed for exploring service. To test the obtained skills will be in a test Google Analytics account. Google has announced the launch of tools that will allow companies to control exactly where their ads are placed. Innovations include updated default settings for brands simplified management of exceptions at the account level and enhanced settings for faster elimination of inappropriate content. Chameleon, a symbol of the British brand of vitamins Berocca, danced in a promotional video.

Thus, the brand decided to show that his vitamins energized after the spring beriberi not only people, but even the notoriously slow chameleons. March 21 was the world day of the person with down syndrome. To this day the charitable Foundation “the Syndrome of love” initiated the project #mediacentrum, which aims to break down stereotypes about the limitations of people with down syndrome. The characters in the movie achieved a lot, because I felt the support of others. In the video they share their thoughts, achievements, successes, and answer questions about the most common stereotypes about people with this syndrome.

The fabergé Museum has launched a flash mob with hundreds of people in masks Salvador Dali in honor of the opening of the exhibition of the Spanish artist and took this video. In the exhibition shows iconic places of St. Petersburg. Anichkov bridge, Mikhailovsky garden, field of Mars, and everywhere appear in the frame (and even the dog) masked by Salvador Dali. People going about their everyday business. Ride the bus, sitting in cafes, reading the newspaper and so on.

The exhibition “Salvador Dali and the Surrealist classic” will open on 1 April 2017 and will last until 2 July. Send your speakers and case studies about advertising and marketing on [email protected]

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