Aggregion Platform To Manage And Transfer Digital Rights

Allows online to obtain a license for the product intellectual property and copyright. My name is Nukri Basharuli, I am 40 years old. I am the founder of the project Aggregion.

According to LIMA (International Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association), in 2016, the amount by which the worlds retailers, has sold licensed products reached $262,9 billion. Licensing is a popular marketing and business tool, allowing companies to carry out successful and mutually beneficial joint action. The use of images of well-known characters for the production, for example, t-shirts, able to increase sales by 10-15%.

Digitalization of all areas of economy and life is developing very rapidly and requires automation of licensing processes. The conclusion of contracts, collection of applications, the formation of individual licenses for each product. In the modern world, growing exponentially in the number of manufactured products companies. All they need to be taken into account without increasing the number of involved decision makers and operating costs.

Previously, due to various reasons from the time of signing the contract before obtaining a license could take up to several months. Then we had the idea to develop its own platform, designed technologically to unify the process of issuing licenses on a global level. Now, instead of months, all can be done in a few minutes.

We created something similar to that in the financial world represent the payment system Visa or Mastercard, a global platform which aims to connect both sides of the issue to simplify the processing of digital rights in the “cloud”. Three years of company existence we managed to attract such global clients as publisher Pearson and the Russian branch of Disney, the largest franchisor in the world.

Aggregion is a platform that provides owners of licensing rights the ability to adjust the distribution of digital licenses and to manage them in the most convenient form. All licensors-users of the service receive their own personal account. Access they provide when they request the sale of the license to potential Resellers.

A good example of work we have developed the principle of a joint project with a service for learning English Skyeng. The company recently launched a training theater with animated Disney films and the popular ABC series, where you watch your favorite video in the original and at the same time to master the English language through interactive training subtitles. Platform architecture based on “cloud” Microsoft Azure. The cloud provides flexibility and the ability to store files of any size, and also contains various ready-made tools.

For example, DVD players and video converters that allow you to quickly run any content on any resource. In addition there is a separate module for billing and control limits of each individual license (product). Important plus from using Azure customer data secure, backed by a number of certificates. Vendor sees how many times used an individual product, what specific rights were involved, how much it costs.

This automatically takes into account constraints and rules for content distribution. Based on these data, which can be viewed in the dashboard, between the licensor and the reseller made payments according to the signed contract. Aggregion not directly involved in the financial relationship between them, but only receives a percentage of each transaction.

For the reseller, one of the major advantages is that before, not very well-known companies were quite difficult to achieve agreement on transfer of rights, as service providers were afraid of non-compliance. With Aggregion the content owner remain absolute rights to their products, he can always see how and where they were used, and to withdraw or restrict them as needed. Provider platform enables you to achieve clarity and transparency in the management of their licenses, which eliminates the possibility of violations of the rights.

At the same time, it provides immediate growth of the business (content consumers, by definition, becomes much more), cost reduction, new distribution channels and the opportunity to participate in various cross-marketing partnerships within Aggregion. An example is the above — mentioned fruitful cooperation of Disney and Skyeng. And such combinations can be endless. With the help of technologies reduces temporary and the business gap between vendors and consumers of content. All this stimulates the very field of issuing and use of licenses, making it even more transparent and convenient.

Now the company conducts pilot projects with European mobile operators and transport companies. One of the main areas that we plan to target company development in the future — infotainment (entertainment and educational content). Today we are working on a pilot project with one of the largest platforms for messaging.

For her, we are developing a bot based on machine-learning techniques. For example, asking him a question “What to watch tonight?”, you can get a recommendation of a film and a specific proposal with the price for the movie and immediately watch it in the chat interface. Want to get the word out and to tell about your startup. Welcome to rostrum.

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