Airbnb has created a giant layout of Paris to advertise the service in France

The idea of the company, the advertisement must show that, staying in the homes of residents and communicating with them, tourists have more opportunities to learn about different features of the place in which they arrived. The layout is 3.8 meters in diameter, of 11.9 meters in circumference and five feet in height. The amount of detail has 11256, including 1476 shapes they used to create the illusion of smooth motion. Each part of the layout represents a certain location in the city flea market, a carousel, a jazz club or cafe.

The development of the carousel was the most difficult, because the structure is composed of two layers (one of them 36 parts, and another 111). The company also released a behind-the-scenes video to tell about the development of the model and show the magnitude of the install, invisible when watching the infomercial. “Travel with Airbnb open magic moments — the guests a feeling of belonging, which is enhanced by the study of cities through the eyes of their residents,” says video Director of marketing for the companys Jonathan Mildenhall. — This film is in the style of Airbnb shows how the ordinary world can be filled with magic.”. In mid-July, the company aired an ad designed to remind about humanity and kindness to the people, however, users have criticized the video, comparing it to a horror movie.


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