AKAR tracked the eye movements of consumers while watching advertising for branding

The study involved 10 people who viewed images of four works. Joint promotional fashion store SiammSiamm “Samsara” with “revived” t-shirts (“Sunrise”), the application and special cases for iPhone Get Well Kit Sanofi from (Agency Geometry Global), the Sochi project “the Megaphone” named Megafaces and packaging design of flour Myllyn Paras (Agency Depot WPF). Using the eye-tracking system provided by TNS Russia, the experts tracked down what it is that draws the attention of the person viewing the advertisement. This allowed to develop an “attention card” in which the line of the eye-tracking combined with colors, used to create cases.

Identity AKAR remained unchanged since the organisation was founded — since 1993. The Central image was the eye as a symbol of the fact that modern communications largely formed with the aid of visual information. ACAR decided to update the style, believing that it has ceased to reflect all activity of the Association. According to General Director of TNS Russia Ruslan Tagiyev, the use of eye-tracking fit in with the creative concept — the Agency left eye as a symbol, but transformed it from a visual image in the tool.

The Association will release the souvenir products, promotional materials and will restart the website in the new style. It is assumed that the identity ACAR will be updated annually — the researchers plan to create an “attention card” on the basis of the best cases of the previous year. Vice-President AKAR Vladimir Yevstafiev said that the new identity will contribute to the perception of an organization as an Association, “keeping up with the times”.

Advertising is the vanguard of ideas about everything new and promising, it is always looking to the future. We must “get ahead of ourselves”, otherwise it will become uninteresting. The idea of the new corporate identity is just such a fresh, advanced and is more than relevant. It takes into account the latest digital technology and involves a totally different perception of visual communication.

This option, without a doubt, innovative, creative and aesthetically accurate. I am convinced that it will contribute to the perception of ACAR, as associations, keeping up with the times. In the view of the President ACAR Alexei Kovylov static solutions in the identity were no longer relevant. Identity, in my opinion, is one of the most complex genres of modern design, which is not easy to find new and exciting solutions.

Corporate identity has long ceased to be static, now need live, flexible solutions that can work in any communications environment and react to an infinite number of constantly emerging challenges. In this regard, a new identity ACAR harmoniously fits into the modern world. It is an interesting mix, which is not only memorable visual component, but also used new technologies that clearly communicate the essential activities of our Association.

The case received gold in the festivals, ADCR Awards, White square, “Ideas!” and two silver awards at Kiev international advertising festival. Team members.

Source: google.co.uk/blog/what-startup-consultants-can-and-can-t-do-for-your-startup/

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